Shards are items that needed for armoring an equipment. Each equipment needs four types of shard. You can use shards to armor an equipment or upgrade them to Wicked Shards that needed for armoring Wicked equipments.

Shards can be got in Shard Chests in Blitz Acres.

Below is a partial list of what shards are needed for the various pieces of equipment. Not all shards appear with equal frequency and they are listed in approximate order from most to least common.

Orc Helmet

  • Sharp Tooth
  • Boar Rope
  • Smelted Magma
  • Scary Mask

Orc Armor

  • Wolfskin Shoulders
  • Bamboo Armor
  • Heart Guard
  • Wolf Belt

Orc Axe

  • Bone Edge
  • Bloodstain Cloth
  • Bull-ox Bone
  • Wolftooth Barb

Orc Totem

  • Azure Eyes
  • Shaman Incantation
  • Blessed Hemp
  • Alpha Wolftooth

Staff of Vigor

  • Optimus Wing
  • Victory Goddess
  • Prime Wing
  • Magic Wand


  • Brown Velvet
  • Magic Dust
  • Ice Jade
  • White Wing

Thorn Whip

  • Unground Bone
  • Infernal Vine
  • Spider Poison
  • Scorpion Stinger

Shining Skull

  • Specter Tinder
  • Demon Claw
  • Plague Poison
  • Hallow's Pumpkin