Shinezone is a Chinese company founded by the Li Hualiang family and Sina in 2011, focusing on game development and operations in the US and European markets.

We see games as an art form and we believe that the only way to give users the best experience possible is by paying attention to every detail. We listen to our clients' feedback to ensure we make the best games possible. Shinezone is gathering all of the best talent from the global gaming industry. Our core team is made up of staff with exceptional management and technical skills.

Shinezone continues to develop and operate in accordance with a strategy centered around our overseas markets. Our company is diverse and our games have been translated into a variety of different languages. We have already established strategic relations with other top internet media and social networking platforms, both Nationalized and international. With great growth potential, Shinezone is working towards becoming a major player in the global games industry.

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Global PublishingEdit

Hyundai Global Distribution Center has many years of successful experience in the sea, both the European and Western markets or the Southeast Asian market has a solid landing of the local operating capacity and experience. We have accumulated years of actual combat experience, summed up the scientific 818 release series of service systems, uphold the customer first issue of cooperation concept, in good faith to all my colleagues in the industry open overseas business.

I believe that through our services, and CP and the joint efforts, will certainly be in the game industry in the new environment of globalization, together to create gorgeous overseas chapter!

Shinezone Games Edit

  • The King of Towers
  • Defense of Legends
  • Viking Age
  • Heroes of Glory
  • Flower Shop
  • Dessert Shop
  • Flower Ville
  • Royal Chef
  • Wonder Island
  • Infinite Heart
  • Puzzle Warrior
  • Mutagious
  • Testament of Magic
  • General Commander
  • Inferno Squad

The King of Towers Edit

The King of Towers is one of the greatest and most popular Strategy & RPG games Shinezone has made.

It's about the invasion of the orc hordes through dimensional portals into Azylon, and King Jain Lantafik becomes the King of the Kingdom in a legendary and glorious quest of restoring Azylon's glory and getting rid of the evil.

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