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There are four types of soldiers: Warriors, Archers, Mages and Cannoners.

Soldiers Edit

Warriors Edit

Tier 1: New Recruit

Screenshot 7-1435811868
Tier 2: Infantry
Screenshot 15-1433761080

Tier 3: Elite Infantry

Screenshot 6-1434427233

Tier 4: Knight

Screenshot 18-1435301311

Tier 5: Gladiator

Screenshot 3-1435305829

Tier 6: Clergyman

Archers Edit

Tier 1: Archer

Screenshot 18-1433939932
Tier 2: Skilled Archer
Screenshot 14-1433761046

Tier 3: Marksman

Screenshot 5-1434427215

Tier 4: Guerrilla

Screenshot 21-1435301330

Tier 5: Musketeer

Screenshot 14-1437815105

Tier 6: Assassin

Mages Edit

Tier 1: Apprentice

Screenshot 19-3
Tier 2: Master
Screenshot 7-1433678509

Tier 3: Sorcerer

Screenshot 3-1435678552
Tier 4: Holy Mage
Screenshot 20-1435301352

Tier 5: Grand Witch

Screenshot 1-1435678118

TIer 6: Wizard

Cannoners Edit

Tier 1: Cannoner

Screenshot 13-1433758677

Tier 2: Skilled Artillery

Screenshot 20-1433943845

Tier 3: Royal Artillery

Screenshot 2-1435678100

Tier 4: Metal Artillery

Screenshot 6-1435765320
Tier 5: Pyrobat
Screenshot 19-1435301368

Tier 6: Oiler

Heroes Edit

Sir Lance Alotte Edit

C: Vord Knight

C+: Gold Knight

B: Knight Commander

B+: Lord of War

A: Knights Templar

Screenshot 8-1438176610

Robin Eagleye Edit

C: Robin Eagleye

C+: Warrior Ranger

B: Guerrilla Leader

B+: Sniper Specialist

A: Assassinator

Screenshot 9-1438176699

Korina Chantress Edit

C: Korina Chantress

C+: Legendary Mage

B: Angel Judge

B+: Storm Master

A: Summoner

Screenshot 7-1438176658

Durin Atomika Edit

C: Durin Atomika

C+: Explosive Expert

B: Slugger

B+: Firebat

A: Armory Master

Screenshot 6-1438176633

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