This is a list of status effects in battle.

Status Effects Effect Caused by Applied to
Poison x% physical damage of Max HP every x seconds Enemies with Poison Units
Ignite 1% physical damage of Max HP every 5 seconds Ignition, Atomitav (Durin Atomika) Enemies
Stun (also Dizzy) Makes target being unable to do anything in x sec. Trogglops, Trogg Headhunter, Stunner Bomb (Durin Atomika), Strongbow (Robin Eagleye), Static (Lightning Bolt, Lightning Strike), Sniper Lookout (Transquilzer) Enemies, Units, Magic
Slow Makes target move x% slower for x seconds. Can stack with different sources. Crystal Phoenix, Hail (Blizzard, Ice Tempest), Hall of Divinity, Oiler (Jumbo Vat), Korina Chantress (Slow Shot) Enemies, Units, Magic, Heroes
Frozen x% physical damage of Max HP every x seconds. Stack with Ignite. Hail (Ice Tempest) Magic
Flammable Take x% more damage by Dragooners Oiler (Ignition Oil) Towers
Burn Take x tower's Explosive Shot damage for 5 sec Assassin Syndicate (Explosive Shot) Towers
Focused Take x more damage, worn off when attacked by other towers Jungle Warfare (Focus) Towers
Disabled Make towers disabled for x seconds Trogg Headhunter, Destruction Captain, Dragon Immortalis (black tornado skill) Enemies
Taunted Make it attack taunting unit for x sec Cavalry Quarter (Valiant Taunt) Enemies
Stoneskin Reduce x% damage from units temporarily Reptili Priest Enemies
Corrosion Reduce x armor Lightning Strike Magic
Invisible Make the user invisible (thus not targetable for towers or magics) for x seconds or until heroes and soldiers block Treasure Hunter, Translucent Man (passive, can't be damaged by anything) Enemies
Range Increase Make Korina increase x range in x seconds Korina Chantress (Range Aura) Korina
Critical Deal x% more damage Robin Eagleye (Fatalist), Arrow Tower (Comet Arrow), Mage Tower (Magic Eruption) Enemies, Magic, Towers and Heroes
Tower Damage Increase Increase x% damage to towers Durin Atomika (Artisan) Towers

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