New enemies:

Storm Hold Edit

Toll Storm Hold

What little hope you had of the Heart of Winter of not being tainted, is gone as you see nothing but cold fury in it's eyes.

Heroic: No mage No cannon

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/15/1000 440/90 Fairy Wood 40% 19 2.1/1.1
Heroic 5/1/1000 440/110 Black Gold 14%

Water Essence 10%

22 2.2/1.2
Hard 1/6/1020 440/140 Black Gold 16%

Water Essence 12% Notch Rock 25%

23 2.2/1.3

Strategy Edit


Having 2 barracks in the narrow part of "U"-shape and surrounding them with level 18 Assassin towers worked for me. Place Robin near the exit when Heart of Winter splits into minons and there are still fliers, as towers may not be targeting them. Jeahra (talk) 11:04, May 25, 2015 (UTC) 

Waves Edit

Easy Edit

Wave 1

  • Top: Wolf x10 (uses shortcut), Tundra Soldier x10
  • Left: None

Wave 2

  • Top: Wolfrider x2, Tundra Soldier x8. Both uses shortcut
  • Left: None

Wave 3

  • Top: Ursarius x4 (uses shortcut)
  • Left: Frost Berserker x8

Wave 4

  • Top: Tundra Soldier x8
  • Left: Orc Captain x6

Wave 5

  • Top: Wintry Boar x3 (uses shortcut), Wolf x8
  • Left: Orc Captain x8

Wave 6

  • Top: None
  • Left: Ursa Champ x5

Wave 7

  • Top: Wintry Boar x6 (uses shortcut), Wintry Boar x4
  • Left: Orc Captain x10

Wave 8

  • Top: Wolf x24, Wintry Boar x14 (uses shortcut)
  • Left: Frost Berserker x10, Frost Soldier x5

Wave 9

  • Top: Ursarius x9 (uses shortcut)
  • Left: None

Wave 10

  • Top: Ursarius x10
  • Left: None

Wave 11

  • Top: Wolfrider x4 (uses shortcut), Frost Soldier x8, Frost Sorceress x4, Wolfrider x6
  • Left: Ursa Champ x5

Wave 12

  • Top: Wolfrider x4 (uses shortcut), Frost Soldier x8
  • Left: None

Wave 13

  • Top: Ursarius x6
  • Left: Ursa Champ x2, Frost Berserker x5

Wave 14

  • Top: Frost Berserker x8, Wolfrider x4, Wintry Boar x8 (uses shortcut)
  • Left: Frost Sorceress x4, Frost Berserker x5

Wave 15

  • Top: Yeti x10, Wintry Boar x6, Ursarius x10, Ursarius x6, Heart of Winter x1 (boss). All, but boss uses shortcut
  • Left: Ursa Champ x4, Frost Berserker x8

Heroic Edit

Wave 1

  • Top-left: Wolfrider x11, Frost Avaitor x60. Uses shortcut.
  • Top-right: Wolf x40, Frost Soldier x32, Heart of Winter x1, Ursa Champ x2
  • Left: Wintry Boar x46, Ursarius x16

Hard Edit

Wave 1

  • Top-left: Wolf x10, Frost Avaitor x5. Uses shortcut.
  • Top-right: Frost Avaitor x5, Heart of Winter x1
  • Left: None

Wave 2

  • Top-left: Wolf x8, Wintry Boar x4. Uses shortcut.
  • Top-right: Frost Avaitor x16
  • Left: Orc Captain x5, Witch Doc x3

Wave 3

  • Top-left: Wolf x31. Uses shortcut.
  • Top-right: Yeti x6, Frost Avaitor x24
  • Left: Orc Captain x8, Orc x14, Tundra Soldier x12

Wave 4

  • Top-left: Wolfrider x3, Wintry Boar x5. Uses shortcut.
  • Top-right: Wolfrider x3, Wintry Boar x5
  • Left: Ursa Champ x2, Tundra Soldier x12

Wave 5

  • Top-left: Ursarius x4. Uses shortcut.
  • Top-right: Ursarius x4
  • Left: Ursa Champ x3, Frost Berserker x10

Wave 6

  • Top-left: Wolfrider x5, Wintry Boar x10. Uses shortcut.
  • Top-right: Heart of Winter x1
  • Left: Ursa Champ x6

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