Strength Chart

Strength Chart, the most important thing

Tower buy/upgrade

This upgrade path is suggested by Yasuhiro Tokugawa:

  1. Dragooner
  2. Assassin Syndicate
  3. Assassin Syndicate Skill: Fly Cutter
  4. Witch Tower
  5. Witch Tower Skill: Tornado
  6. Assassin Syndicate Skill: Explosive Shot
  7. Bombardier
  8. Bombadier Skill: Tracker Shot
  9. Sniper Lookout
  10. Sniper Lookout Skill: .50 Cal
  11. Witch Tower Skill: Ice Elemental
  12. Dragooner Skill: Dragon's Anger
  13. Dragooner Skill: Broiling Flames
  14. Geomancer Tower
  15. Geomancer Tower Skill: Warp
  16. Geomancer Tower Skill: Punisher

Each Tower costs 2x DSC and each Tower Skill costs 5x DSC. Total cost: 62x Dark Soul Crystals

General Strategies

Witch Tornados and Bombadier Tracker Shots

Credit to Nonrelent for strategy.

  • Reasoning: Multiple Tornados will push back and pile up any non-boss enemies in path, including fliers. Missiles hitting piled up enemies will wipe out entire wave.
  • Pros: Can 'juggle' enemies no matter how strong they are. 3-4 Witches can stop nearly anything regardless of hit points. Very strong in Blitz Acres.
  • Cons: Very slow buildup, not very effective until 3rd level Tornado requiring 3570 resources. Weak against pure flier waves who do not trigger tornados. In Mech Warship, many enemies have an ability to be immune to Tornado.
  • Requires: 14+ Dark Soul Crystal - Witch + Tornado, and Bombadier + Tracker Shot.
  • Variants:
    • Dragooner instead of Bombadier or no Bombadier at all. Enemies die much more slowly with no AoE but tornados will eventually kill even large mobs by juggling them.
    • Barracks to reduce witch requirement. Stalling the mobs reduces the number of tornados required to juggle. Barracks can be used to fill in and hold mobs until enough resources are earned to build additional Witches.
    • Replace witch Tornado with Geomancer Warp and Punisher. This is not as effective against spread out groups of enemies, but can push them back much further, and may be more effective at end of along course than witches. your mileage will vary, but most players report the Witch method to be more effective. More effective in Mech Warship, when a lot of enemies are immune to Tornado.

Robin From the Rich

Credit to Nonrelent for strategy.

  • Using Robin's Tier 1 talent 'Bounty Hunter' stockpile resources early on. This strategy can be combined with any and all other strategies. Use the extra resources gained to buy extra towers and upgrades and have an easy time later level. It is recommended to let Robin handle as much of the easy/early waves as possible, and keep him as close to the front as possible without getting him killed. This talent goes very well with robin's 3rd skill for bonus range and 5th skill for critical hit chance. Give Robin the best weapon and accessory, as well as gems to maximize your gains.
  • Pros: Bounty Hunter stacks with the resouce bonus of 17% all heroes get for kills, giving Robin a whopping 67% boost to resources gained for anything he gets the kill on
  • Cons: Robin is squishy, and putting him close enough to front to maximize can get him killed easily.
  • Requires 2 Dark Soul Crystals and 2000 Honor for Robin talent.
  • Variants:
    • Over the wall: have Robin wih increased range shoot at waves of enemies over a wall or curve in terrain to get 'free shots' without risk to him
    • Hide behind the tough guys: have Robin immediately behind Barracks troops
    • Hero hustle - while less effective, any hero kills give 17% more resources. Using heroes in front of towers for early waves will help with later waves

Durin the Rocketeer

  • If you have Durin Atomika at Lv. 30 with his Rocketeer skill, it would be great to kill non-boss enemies and some chance to kill strong bosses (except Marsh King, which you should use it early before it develops immunity to physical damage).
  • Put Durin in a group of many ranged attacking enemies like Reptili Archers or Trogg Poisoners and before Durin dies, he jumps out of there killing all of them.

Explosives and tornados

Credit to Madcookiedough for strategy

  • Combining Witch's Tornado with Assassin's Explosive Shot is one of the best way to kill enemies quickly, especially in Blitz Acres.
  • Tornados can pile up enemies on one spot and allow Assassins to throw their bombs to deal heavy damage and spread the flames to burn several enemies at once in seconds.
  • The best part about this strategy is that the tornado can reduce 20-40% of each enemies maximum health and then the explosive shots can burn and damage the mobs of grouped enemies 60% or less

Cutting and meatshields

Credit to Nonrelent for strategy.

  • Assassin Fly Cutters bounces take care of small mobs and fliers while Barracks soldiers can hold the bigger ones in place long enough for multiple bounces to cut them down.
  • Pros: very effective in early levels especially Fauna Forge, and probably the most effective anti-flier strategy available
  • Cons: Loses effectiveness against more than 5 enemies at a time, and not enough damage to be effective in Desert/Marshlands heroics
  • Requires 7 Dark Soul Crystal for Assassins and Fly Cutter upgrade. Explosive Shot or better Barracks will improve this strategy
  • Variants:
  • Bombadier - Assassin combined with it will destroy fliers quickly. Tracker Shot will make it easier.
  • Sniper - Sniper will take bigger enemies easily while Assassin takes fliers and small mobs.

Dragon Sniper

Credit to Nonrelent for strategy.

  • Dragooner is extremely effective against groups of weaker enemies, Sniper is effective against stronger enemies
  • Pros: Dragooner is effective without specials and sniper only needs .50 cal, making this cheap on resources to set up, and quick
  • Cons: weak against swarms of Fliers
  • Requires: 9 Dark Soul Crystal for Dragooner base tower, and Sniper with .50 Cal (or invest some DSC in researching Dragon's Anger to boost Dragooner's firepower)
  • Variants:
    • No Sniper - Dragooner is very effective by itself in early levels. By The Desert or Marshlands, the Sniper is needed to handle bigger enemies like Mud Golems. At only 2 Dark Soul Crystal this is a very powerful early game variant.
    • Add Barracks - Dragooner is more effective against groups of enemies. Barracks or even a Witch with Tornado can be effective at grouping the enemies up

Youtube Channels

The following Youtube channels contain videos specific to King of Towers. Please note this is an external website, and user submitted content, linked because some users may find them helpful

  1. Del3213171's Youtube channel - Contains videos for most of the Magma heroics and hards
  2. KrimsonCreek's Youtube channel - Contains many swamp level strategies and a few from earlier
  3. Bblucas' Youtube channel - Contains a few videos for Oblivion's Cave easy levels
  4. Yasuhiro Tokugawa's Youtube channel - Contains videos for difficult levels in each maps