You will see support emails in The King of Towers Wiki.

Armor Games Edit

Support email:

Facebook Edit

Support email:

Shinezone Edit

Contact Shinezone when you need support. Their support email is:

They are not the fastest at replying though, so keep your sent mails.

They will ask for your user ID, or globe ID. They will be unhelpful in telling you how to find it.

According to some people, the way to find your user ID is by right clicking in your browser, in a blank space not on the game image, and "View source code" or "View source"

Here it is in Chrome, right clicking on the grey under the game:

If you use CTRL+F and search for your username or kong_user_data. Your ID is a string of 8 numbers. Do NOT share your user ID with others.


IF for some reason, your user ID is 0 and you are listed as a guest, I am not sure what to do next, but try another browser. If that does not work, I suggest sending them more of the kong_user_data string.


Having your user ID does not guarantee that they can or will help you, but it might make your communications faster.

Kongregate Edit

If contacting Shinezone did not fix your problem, there is a chance that Kongregate can fix it. Contact Kong by using bug report link under the Game tab.

Support email:

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