Tavern is one of the game's buildings. You can get items and recruit new heroes here. Unlock at Kingdom Level 14.


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First, the Tavern is NOT, as it may seem, a drawing of cards. It is a lottery/rigged. Some cards are WAY more probable to happen than others. See "Order Odd" below.

You can shuffle and deal the cards three times per day, with a cooldown of 10 minutes. The counter resets at Server Time.

When the cards are ready to be shuffled the Tavern icon appears above the status bar. When the cursor hovers above the Tavern icon it expands to show the number of shuffle turns left. Clicking the icon opens the Tavern window.

Tavern Icon
Tavern Active Icon
On each deal the following happens:
  • Shuffle deals out twelve cards, face up. Each card has the picture of a possible reward (See possible picks below). As the number of options is higher than the number of cards, this phase is where the available rewards are selected.
  • The removal phase allows the player to remove the two least desirable cards from the deck. You can increase the number of cards you wish to remove for 10 diamonds (just one time). This is probably not worth it, see "Order Odd" below.
  • The cards are then dealt out face down. The player picks two cards, receiving whatever reward is revealed. The last flip of a card is the reward.
    • While you may intuitively believe that you are picking a card, you are in fact not. When you pick a card, a random selection happens, depending on the Order Odd of the available cards. You will then receive whatever pops up, which will usually be the highest-odd cards.
    • To have an extra pick (pick a total of 3 cards) you can spend 10 Diamonds (one time only), or 200 diamonds (permanent upgrade). You can upgrade it higher, but the price rises: it will cost 400 diamonds to permanently pick a fourth and 1200 Diamonds to pick a fifth (fifth is the limit). This is not a good use of diamonds, for most of the items are worth much less.

See "Order Odd" section below for details on how the cards are chosen (peek preview: you will receive Ham, 100 gold, Rainbow Ore or Earth Essence almost all of the time. In short, aim to remove the highest Order Odds cards that you don't want.)


Hero Cards are one of the possible picks. When you pick up a hero card, you gain an Influence. Each of the heroes need a certain amount of Influence to recruit. Influence with each hero is not transferable to another one.

You can also gain hearts to influence the heroes (technically, this is done at the Hall of Heroes)

  • With Honor Stars (5000 Honor Stars each heart)
  • Buy a heart for 100 Diamonds
  • With Beer (available only through "Limited Deals" event on the Marketplace, for 80 diamonds each one). Each Beer buys a heart. (cheaper than way 2)

See the Honor Star Strategy section for more details on this.

Robin Eagleye

You'll get his cards pretty fast. You may even get him at least 3 days from the start of the game. Don't spend Honor Stars or Diamonds on him.

Korina Chantress

The probability of getting her cards is quite low. You'll probably have to wait for a couple of months to get her without spending Honor Stars. You may buy a few of her hearts to get her sooner.

Durin Atomika

He is almost impossible to get with cards, so start buying hearts as soon as you get Korina. It may take you as much as two months of accumulating Honor to get the required 15 x 5000 = 75000 Honor Stars needed. The good news is the only other thing Honor is needed for is to upgrade Hero talents, and since this also requires Dark Soul Crystals and you will probably spend most of them on towers and magic upgrades for your first months, you'll have plenty. In case you start having excess Dark Soul Crystals, spend them on Hero Skills (see Hall of Heroes). All details on the Honor Star Strategy section.

See "Order Odd" section below for more details.

Camaraderie Gift Packs

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Type Diamonds Beers Cost
Small 50 2 $5.00
Medium 100 3 $25.00
Big 300 5 $60.00

Also called Octoberfest Sale Gift Pack. Only appears when you haven't unlocked all heroes yet.

Possible picks

Not all cards will be available at all times. Some of them only appear during certain events, while the hero cards will only appear sometimes, and only until you recruit the hero. The rest appear more or less at random, with some cards appearing more frequently than others. It includes archives.

See "Order Odd" section below for more details.




Order Odd

First, your chance to get a certain card depends on it being one of the 12 cards selected for this drawing. This is random and you can't affect it.

After all cards are shown, look at the table below. A higher Order Odd implies a higher chance of that card being the first one you choose (it doesn't matter where do you pick it from). As you can see, this means that (after recruiting Robin) you will earn above all Rainbow Ore, Earth Essence, 100 gold and Ham. Just never expect you will get other than these 4 items, except if you buy the extra card draw by diamonds, or eliminate extra card that you don't want by diamonds. Everything is about money, the more money you spent, the more you will own in this game as Shinezone wants money from players.

Durin Atomika Card: if you already have Robin and Korina and take out ham (7000 points) and RO, EE or gold (3000 points), the chances of getting Durin Card are about 1 in 8000 (2 low items at 3000 points each + some other junk at 500 points and less). Which means it is impossible to get (maybe in 1 year you will get 1)

Special cards from events replace the ham and get the same odds (7000 points) so you're most likely to get them. Just take out 2 other low items (RO, EE, gold at 3000 points each) to increase your odds, then your chance to get an event item is 7000 in about 12000 (1 low item left at 3000 points + some other junk)

Points in table below are correct, percentages aren't, but it's pretty impossible to give exact percentages because it depends on which items you get at start and which items you cross off.

Just remember one thing. Never by in your whole life, buy the permanent increase of free pick by 200 diamonds. Or you can buy it if you have nothing more to spend in your real life.

(Click on the title to sort the table)

Item  Order Odd Drop Rate Weight
Robin Eagleye Card 10000 31.289%
Upgrade Tome Level 2 1 0.003%
Upgrade Tome Level 2 5 0.016%
Potent Bomb 5 0.016%
Turkey 5 0.016%
Longevity Card 30 0.094%
Apple Pie 30 0.094%
Upgrade Tome 60 0.188%
Emerald Lv.2 120 0.375%
Ruby Lv.2 120 0.375%
Citrine Lv.2 120 0.375%
Sapphire Lv.2 120 0.375%
Perfect Gold x 8 120 0.375%
Cold Wand 120 0.375%
Big Cache 120 0.375%
Phoenix Feather 500 1.564%
Burger 500 1.564%
Korina Chantress Card 1000 3.129%
Sapphire Lv.1 500 1.564%
Citrine Lv.1 500 1.564%
Ruby Lv.1 500 1.564%
Emerald Lv.1 500 1.564%
Heroic Medal 400 1.252%
Perfect Gold x 3 333 1.042%
Diamond 250 0.782%
Perfect Gold  3000 9.387%
Ham (or Event Items) 7000 21.902%
Rainbow Ore 3000 9.387%
Earth Essence 3000 9.387%
Durin Atomika Card 1 0.003%

Pie Charts

If you have not yet obtained Robin, here is your chances at each item, visually.

With Robin-0

If you have already obtained Robin, here is a visual to see your odds for winning each item.

WithOUT Robin