The mechanics of this event are as always. Get Turkey Feathers to turn the cards on the playing field.

Strategy Edit

This part is fairly straightforward. There are 24 fields (bowls) on the playing area. You'll need about 35-40 goes to complete a full board (depending on luck, of course). Each day you will be awarded 8 turns (in the form of Turkey Feathers) and you can get another 6 by completing the daily requirements:

Upgrade Towers /2 (upgrading the Tower talents does NOT count)

Upgrade Magic /2 (upgrading the Magic talents also counts)

Enhance Equipment /2

The best way to fully use this event is to spend the daily 8 goes every day. But not to waste the extra 6 you gather from the tasks. They will NOT reset daily (the 8 daily ones will reset) and thus you can accumulate enough Turkey Feathers to clear a whole board.

Rewards Edit

Each day the board will consist of a different set of prizes, chosen from this pool:

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