The Goddesses have yet again returned to Azylon, bringing Honor, Hero Experience and Hero Upgrade Chests.

Mechanics Edit

A player will have to gather Flowers before they can start a course of action (10 Flowers are given at the start of the event). And a maximum of 10 can be gathered daily from taxing levels.

Upon having enough Flowers, a player can start a "Labor", choosing Harvest, Bake or Prepare.

Prizes Edit

Per completed Labor Edit

Labor Reward
Harvest 1000 HonorUp to 15000 Hero Exp
Bake 2000 Honor

1 Hero Upgrade Chest

Up to 30000 Hero Exp

Prepare 8000 Honor

3 Hero Upgrade Chests

Up to 100000 Hero Exp

Per cumulative completed Labor Edit

Amount of completions Reward
3 300 Gold2 Heroic Medals
6 1 Dark Soul Crystal500 Gold

3 Heroic Medals

8 1 Gold Hammer800 Gold

5 Heroic Medals

11 1 Hero Upgrade Chest1000 Gold

8 Heroic Medals

14 10 Modern Outfit Essence1500 Gold

10 Heroic Medals

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