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I made this story for storyline purposes. Some of them are just custom.

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Act I: The Invasion Begins

In a world far far away, there is a great kingdom called Azylon, existed there. Humans and orcs have declared war on each other for 300 years. Both races are all in brink of oblivion and suffering many casualties. To prevent this from happening again, they have signed a peace treaty. The Kingdom has been in peace for many centuries. King of Azylon, Jain Lantafik,

Act II: The Reclaimers

At Citopolis Gate, the orcs guarded the captured city very heavily. Azylon would be in danger of being wiped out. However, King Jain Lantafik, along with his followers, marched to the city to attack them and reclaim it. Many soldiers and civilians agreed to join him, and they reclaimed the city. After the first victory, the King rebuilt the city and controlled his armies to conquer the lands occupied by the orcs. When they went into Wolfbane's Fortress, Wolfbane threatened them to kill all of them and he sent an army to defend the fortress. However, they were so brave that they defeated his army and him. Out of situation, he killed a soldier and used his horse to escape into the Tundra. The Grasslands was liberated from orcs' control.

Act III: The Hunt for Ancient Evil

King Jain Lantafik has hunted Wolfbane for many years. First, the army has to pass the Tundra. Rizza's Courier has reported that people of Tundra have gone insane and attacked their armies. King's followers have cleared the area of enemies and gone farther through a cavern. They have been known that the Heart of Winter has been corrupted. When the army went into Storm Hold, The Heart of Winter went into a frost rage. It called a lot of snowstorms, freezed a lot of soldiers. Finally, it has been defeated and King Jain Lantafik has extracted its essences to use them to defeat the Destruction Captain. However, they didn't see Wolfbane. Where was he? The army has to go into Lava Plains to hunt him again. The rage has been diminished.

Act IV: The Destruction Captain and The King's curse

This time, the army went into Lava Plains to find traces of Wolfbane. However, when they go across Old Country, many demons and berserk orcs have attacked them with a demon rage. They valiantly attacked them and goes farther. In Scorched Waste, the army faced a dangerous entity: the Destruction Captain. He called meteors, summoned portals to send demons from the Hell and defended the demons. After that, he summoned lesser demons to protect him from last breath. However, they've been destroyed by Durin Atomika on Goblin's Airship. King Jain Lantafik took the opportunity and used The Heart of Winter's Essence to freeze him, but Destruction Captain has casted a spell to curse him to aging. He died and a purple light shone from King Jain Lantafik. If he wants to cure it, he needs to kill Marsh King in Marshlands. To go into it, he needed to pass the Desert.

Act V: The Desert and The Dragon's Shadow

Finally, the army has reached The Desert. They found an Egypt-like country, but a lot of skeletons summoned by orcs as their bone shield attacked us.

Act VI: The Marsh King and the Cure for Lantafik

Act VII: Oblivion's Cave and Sacrifices

Act VIII: Poseidon's Wrath

Act IX: Mech Warship and Unknown Conspirations

Act X: Virtual Illusion in Your Eyes