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In-Game Competitive Events in Progress

Listed below are special in-game competitive Events that run for a limited time. Some Events may limit player perticipation below certain Kingdom Level (specific for each Event). All other players, free-to-play and pay-to-play, are invited to participate in all Events.

All dates and times are listed in server time (UTC - 6).

Camp Power Struggle

Christmas Lottery

Ranger Squad XIII

In-Game Promotional Events in Progress

During the in-game promotional Events various game Items, Item bundles, and services are offered at a discount for a limited time. Some Events may limit player participation below certain Kingdom level (specific for each Event). In general, spending Diamonds is required to participate. While a few Diamonds can be found in game for free more Diamonds must be purchased with real life money (or equivalents).

Some promotional Events are triggered by achieving specific in-game milestones and are not available to other players at that time. These player-specific Events are not listed here. See the Events category for more information.

All dates and times are listed in server time (UTC - 6).

Snowy Vord Knight Gift Pack

Hero Material Limited Sale


This wiki is about the endless game "The King of Towers" which deployed to several platforms (Facebook, ArmorGames, Kongregate). This game is developed by Shinezone and is currently free-to-play with a built in cash shop to entice players to spend money.

The core game-play of The King of Towers is in the Tower Defense (TD) style in which players defend against onslaught of enemies by building towers to attack the enemies as they try to reach the end of a defined path. There are 4 basic types of towers: Archer, Mage, Cannoner, and Warrior. Players are also able to control up to 3 (of 4) different heroes to assist them in the battle. Role playing (RPG) elements are mixed in to level up towers and increase hero strength as players gain experience and purchase upgrades.

Aside from the TD portion of the game, players must interact with their virtual stronghold regularly to gain resources and gold required to increase their power. Such activities include; PvP Arena battles, collecting taxes, forging equipment, farming for resources, launching ship raids to plunder resources, and enslaving other players. Most of these activities are on cooldown timers and therefore require players to regularly check back to complete a task. Special themed events are also consistently held to encourage gameplay and offer rewards for completion but frequently require monetary investments to obtain meaningful rewards.

While the game is free-to-play, use of the (expensive) cash shop is highly encouraged and offer significant power upgrades or time savings to players who choose to pay. As many of the events & activities in this game are based on PVP, this creates a significant advantage to paying users compared to their free counterparts. Of particular note is obtaining "Dark Soul Crystal" which are utilized in almost all major upgrades and highly sought after. Aside from direct purchases with $$, most crystals are obtained through the PvP arena. Most players will obtain 1 Crystal every three days and must wait weeks - months for critical upgrades. Top ranked players may obtain up to 10x more enabling much faster progression and therefore become quickly unmatched. New players, especially free users, should seek to start their adventure on a new server as paying veterans will crush any hopes of meaningful advancement which can make this game exceptionally frustrating.

Everything is about money (not all), neither skill nor brain used in upgrade part, at least there is no P2P content.

Shinezone offical website:

Link to the game:


  • Facebook:
  • Armor Games: You can write them at They are responsive and kind, but cannot work miracles!
  • Kongregate:
  • ID: Support - Finding User ID


If you need anything, contact an administrator!



Offical video.


Your Village


You will unlock the buildings as you increase your Kingdom Level.


Check the handy Category Tree to look for pages.

If you are having trouble check out the Strategies page.

See here for known bugs or desired improvements

If you play Armor Games, see AG Quests.


AG: 8/10

Kongregate: 3.52/5

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