The Traveling Salesman is a character introduced on 10/4/2015. He sells resources and items to you for 7 days.

Event Edit

Traveling Store Edit

For every Diamond you spend you will get 10 Influence.

The Traveling Salesman
Item Diamond cost
Burger 5
Apple Pie 12
Turkey 15
Longevity Card 4
Phoenix Feather 2
Big Cache 3
Invisibility Charm 6
Blue Fairy 10
Essence Solvent 20

Influence Store Edit

Screenshot 7-1441104486
Type Item Influence cost Purchase limit
Increase the number of heroes Beer x1 7000 5
Equip Hero Upgrade Hero Upgrade Chest x1 7000 5
Equip Hero Skin Ice Piece x1 700 20

Salesman's Travel Expenses Edit

Salesman's Travel Expenses

You can receive 500 Influence in exchange for:

  • 1500 Gold (A maximum of 10 exchanges is allowed for the whole event)
  • 5 Diamonds (no exchange limit)
  • 1500 Honor (A maximum of 10 exchanges is allowed for the whole event)

Event dates Edit

  • 26/11/2015 - 09/11/2015

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