• Hy!

    My question is where did you find the Tavern's Odd information?

    Are You 100% sure that about it?

    Becouse if Your right I need at least 15 Years to get the Durin Atomika card.


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    • My data is from game setting document

      I think you understand odd/possiblilty is not accumulated on math.

      Just have a concept to know what ratio you can have a prize, don't take it too serious.

      even item in 0.01%, still someone can get 2 in a row (Luck, you cannot explain it)

      For durin, use honor to get it should be more effective

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    • Yes I have more than 100.000 honor stars... But I bought the 3 extra cards, to get better things like the bomb, tomes, diamonds and to get hero cards faster. I wos sure its not a shuffle, and I dont know how they dare to write that when it is not. They scamed me... What can I do?

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    • It is shuffle with odd

      You can have diamonds and bomb from tavern which I got it before

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    • I must say, to scam you they must promise a thing and then deliver another one. You paid diamonds to be able to draw/discard more cards, and now you're able to draw/discard more cards. If you understood odds imperfectly, it's not the fault of the game developers! I started to research for the wiki precisely because of this.

      I also got diamonds from the Tavern. If I could draw more cards, I would get more of those, too.

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    • Believe me You don't get the good stuff, just more from the bad. You can't discard more, just 2 cards.

      With 5 card more than 5 weeks no Bomb, no Durin. And like 5 Tome 10 Diamonds in the 5 weeks all togethet. And I hade more than 500 turns since than!!!

      Ham, 100 Gold, Rainbow Ore and Earth Essence if I dont X two of tham 100% they will be turned.

      • Scarbrow - Where can You see these odds? Because here in the wiki just since one week. Where were the odds before? Because the game writes shuffle, odds no where...
      • HyperDream - Where can I find the game setting document?


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    • They are on the wiki from the moment we were able to put them here :)

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    • setting document is encoded

      you can find it in developer tool -> network from you browser

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      • Hyperdream: So i have to understand programming to understand it :) Nice! Can You give me a link? I dont know what developer tool and network means here.


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    • just press F12 and click on network tab if you are using chrome

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    • Wow... You really have tu understand programming...

      Thanx for the help. I hope You Will get some rewards for helping the players.

      Or maybe for doing the developers job. (for free)

      Keep up the good work!

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    • I dabbled a little bit on it the other day, but I was not able to find the appropriate .js to look into. Could you share some more details? What element exactly do you look for? Maybe a little step-by-step of how do you got the Tavern Odd info, so I can help you too?

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    • not .js, .td

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    • Sorry to bother U pro's... I'm an utter noob with a Q ½ a year later:

      I don't have Ur knowledge but like to learn and was just wondering exactly where I can find the .td under network?

      I've been looking  - cant find it. I'm probably missing something obvious...

      (P.S. Atm I'm where U left of, Scarbrow...)

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    • A FANDOM user
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