• Hi, HyperDream. Could you please take a look at the chance to get a jewel from each exploration of the Jewel Crafter? I'd like to know what it the chance to get a gem from each scenario, and of what levels, to craft a strategy, or at least to calculate how much gold is needed for higher-level gems. Thank you in advance.

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    • No problem, but please let me answer you few days later.

      I am busy in these days or may be a month

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    • cost triggerNextOdd dropItemsOdd
      200 50 1:25;
      400 40 1:20;2:25
      800 30 2:25;3:30
      1600 20 2:20;3:40
      3200 0 3:25;4:30

      Just find this info, but I doubt on the chance of gem drop...

      Hope you can understand to read it...

      first row: cost 200 gold, have 50% to open next stage, have 25% got level 1 gem

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    • Thank you, Hyperdream! This will be useful

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    • A FANDOM user
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