• On the Strategy page, there have been a few 'vandalism' edits made from the same IP address "". You can easily check the deatils in the logs, he changed the 'credit to XXX for strategy' on 3 or 4 entries to things like 'credit to relentless douchetard' and such. I've had to roll this back multiple times. Could you please block the IP from editing?

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    • Thank you for your contribution, for your question, I sent a message to that IP contributor. Please let me know if this problem come again.

      BTW, this wiki did not have any text like "Credit to XXX" previously, because if you have a login to make contribution, your name will display in the history log forever. I understand you may want to have showing up your name as credit, you can do it and you can make a link to your profile page on your name would be better.

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    • Tnank you for your prompt reply! I will have to fill out my profile page later on. While I would like to have my name show up there as the submitter, If it causes continued problems I can remove that. My intent for that page was for multiple people to submit ideas, and each of them be given credit for their submitted strategies. 

      My issue with the mentioned contributor was not the removal of my name, it was replacing the name with offensive and derogatory comments. Hopefully with your messaging him that will not be an issue in the future.

      i have a few ideas for additional pages and items I'd like to add to the wiki in the future, where would you suggest the best place for discussion of proposed changes be? I'm not happy with the small areas given for specific strategies in the zones pages, but don't think adding them on the strategy page I created is an ideal solution either. I'm considering making a dedicated page each of the challenging missions complete with screenshots & vids, and then linking THOSE pages from both the strategy and zone pages. The idea with that being the zone pages given as a brief overview, and then people who need more in-depth guides can follow the links to those guides. I'd also like to add a 'tower' page that discusses the benefits and shortfalls of each tower and their specials. Currently all tower info is under engineering, and I think that page is a bit crowded.

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    • I understand you suppose to have a multiple user discussion on a page. It's fine to have credit in the content.

      You can create pages for each level to provide details strategy, tower and item also.

      It would be good to have deep depth strategy in a separate page

      This is wiki is not very much editor, no need a very structure discuss for contributing, so you can create pages yourself, then you may receive comment. I think it is better to collect more information at this stage.

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