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(Mostly done thanks to Hyperdream, still needs to be published)

  • Name
  • World section/scenario/wave it appears in
  • Good received
  • Stats
    • Life
    • Physical/Magic damage (xxxxx-yyyyy)
    • Physical/Magic resistance
    • Skulls (number of hearts it removes if it gets to your home)
  • Speed
  • Yes/no stats
  • Abilities
    • Flier?
    • Ranged attack and range?


Most of this is already covered on Grasslands, The Tundra, Lava Plains, The Desert, Marshlands, Oblivion's Cave, Deep Sea and Mech Warship pages.

  • Type and number of enemies of each wave

(This needs three entries, for Easy, Heroic and Hard versions of each scenario)

  • How many hearts can you lose and still have 2/3 stars?
  • Done Here is my table:
Stars Easy Heroic (as Easy if it's a bonus level) Hard (as Easy if it's a bonus level)
1 1-9 1-2 No
2 10-17 3-4 No
3 18-20 5 1
  • Eventually, a base strategy for Blitz Acres and scenarios (very hard, and not only depending on mined data, since it depends on order of upgrades, heroes, towers, magic, etc)

World Areas

  • Kingdom Level Requirements. I happen to know Lava Plains require LV20 because I reached it before the milestone, but I know no other way to check that. Done in Homepage
  • Call waves early: Give a maximum of 40 goods if immediately


  • Formula for damage (operator) speed = total damage/time for each of towers
    • Done Tower attack speed, or need the number DPS (damage per second) obviously?
  • Formula for AOE damage of cannon
    • Other sources of AOE (For the infamous Lava Plains scenario "Fauna Forge: Heroic")
    • Formula for health regen/respawn of barracks, respawn time is 10 seconds (tier 3 is 13 seconds)
    • Formula for health regen of critters that have it. Do all of them have it? (for damage flow needed) (occurs in Marshlands onwards)
    • Effect of every kind of upgrades (yes, a mighty effort) on the tower's damage

Did you want to animation for each effect or something else?

  • Did Sir Lance Alotte's Thorn skill deal high damage to bosses?
  • How armor reduces arrow/magic damage (for the tower upgrades that reduce this). Are all "high" armor equal? Done, answer below
Armor definition (Doesn't work for magic damage)
  • 10000 Armor point = 100% armor (Invincible)
  • Armor >= 81%, Beefy
  • Armor >= 51%, Heavy
  • Armor >= 21%, Medium
  • Armor >= 1%, Low
  • Armor >= 0%, No Armor
Game definitions
  1. Attack CD
  • CD <= 0.5s: Very Fast
  • CD <= 0.8s: Fast
  • CD <= 1.5s: Average
  • CD <= 2s: Slow
  • CD > 2s: Very Slow


  • Formulas for the effect of a larger army (number of soldiers) vs Battle Power.
  • Formulas for the difference of power if you pitch
    • Same type (e.g. Soldier Vs Soldier)
    • Attack and Defense of soldiers
    • Different, not opposed type (e.g. Soldier Vs Archer)
    • Opposed Type (e.g. Soldier Vs Mage)
    • Is the Fighting Pits formula the same as the Boss Clash one?
    • In Boss Clash, is there any effect of the army setup (seems there isn't)
      • Boss Armor Type


  • Effect of jewels per level and type. Done Lv1-8 (max Lv11, but not 9-11 opened, ability number level 6+ have something modifier-TBC)

Jewel Crafter

  • Probability of getting each color of gem. Are they all equal? (HyperDream: No information)
  • What are the odds of getting a Lv1, Lv2, etc gem, at each exploration scenario?
    • Endless Swamp you can get a Lv3 or Lv4 jewel. Which are the odds for each one?
    • Same for the Lv 2-3 jewels from Lava Soil/Death Desert.



  • Condition for unlocking of certain extra slots, for free. (I have level 33 and 38 unlocked slots, without having paid diamonds for it)


  • What determines length of cooldown on Engineering Quarter, Magic Ward and other upgrades? Seems to be related to gold spent and upgrade levels.

HyperDream: Tower level

  • What determines cost of diamonds to skip a cooldown? Seems related to remaining time in cooldown.
    • Training Grounds: 8 hours CD 96 diamonds (if you have VIP 1, it will reduce cost by 20%)
    • Towers: 21 min CD 17 diamonds
    • Collect Taxes CD: 1 diamond

HyperDream: Mostly 5 minutes will need 1 diamonds for cooldown except Boss Battle.