Towers are your main defense in battle.

Tower Damage Comparison Edit

There are four kinds of tower:

  • Arrow Towers: Fast, not very strong. Physical damage that bypass magical armor (enemy defense)
  • Mage Towers: Slower and stronger. Magical damage that bypass common armor (enemy defense). Has strong skills to destroy enemies quickly.
  • Infantry/Barracks: They don't deal a lot of damage, but they stagger enemies to allow damage dealing towers to finish them.
  • Cannon Towers: Physical damage (bypasses part of armor), Splash/AOE (Area Of Effect) damage. Slow but powerful. Does not harm flying enemies (AOE do).
min Dmg avg Dmg max Dmg speed (MS) avgdps Total Cost DPS/resource range
Tier3 mage 1100 1250 1400 1300 961.5 390 2.47 170
Geo 1200 1350 1500 1300 1038.5 650 1.60 180
Witch 1530 2215 2900 1800 1230.6 710 1.73 180
Wizard 1200 1700 2200 1800 944.4 660 1.43 180
tier3 arrow 350 430 510 550 781.8 330 2.37 160
jungle 365 482.5 600 500 965.0 575 1.68 170
sniper 830 1165 1500 1200 970.8 590 1.65 210
assassin 600 767.5 935 800 959.4 580 1.65 170
tier3 cannon 950 1150 1350 2600 442.3 490 0.90 170
Bombadier 1315 1642.5 1970 2400 684.4 810 0.85 190
dragooner 250 300 350 250 1200.0 810 1.48 190
Oiler 530 865 1200 1200 720.8 810 0.89 190

Damages shown in chart are base, and do not account for any fortification, talents, or technology upgrades.

Comparing the final tower choices, witch has highest DPS (damage per second) of the mages on paper, but actually does less than stated (See the section on the Witch Tower for more details on this). Sniper is highest DPS archer, but is only barely better than the 'free' Jungle Warfare Tower without specials. Worth noting is that Dragooner is dramatically better damage per second than the other cannon towers, nearly double. The downside is that it can damage at most 3 targets per shot.

Towers can be upgraded to better versions of themselves. This allows towers to branch to 3 specialized tower types each, for a total of 12 different tower types. They can also acquire special skills and be modified by talents. Upgrades are described in detail in the Engineering Quarter.

Tower Specials and comparisons Edit

Some of the data in this section is duplicated in the Engineering Quarter page, but will go more in depth here on the specials, as well as having subjective viewpoints their benefits. Once a skill is unlocked, players may purchase the skill during a level for a fully upgraded tower. The skill only needs to be purchased once in research, and can then be upgraded 3 times during a given level. To clarify: all three levels of the skill are unlocked when the skill is purchased, but must be individually upgraded on each tower for the tower to gain their benefits.

A common question is "what tower should I buy". You can read below and decide for yourself, or if you would like a lazy guide, here is a list,

  1. Dragooner, Geomancer, Coliseum, without any upgrades can get you through all levels (including Heroic and Hard) until the end of Desert levels. This is also the cheapest solution since you only need 6 crystals for those. Blizzard (magic upgrade for Hail) completes this list.
  2. Assassin with Fly Cutter (7 crystals) can get you through all Marshlands levels until you meet Marsh King (Marshlands' boss). Second upgrade Explosive Shot (5 crystals) makes it even easier but this doesn't target fliers. Best is to get them both.
  3. Witch + Tornado (7 crystals), can help a lot, mostly in Blitz Acres, but it isn't very reliable. Previous tower with upgrades kills, this is just to buy more time, but you need the Witch Tower (or Wizard) anyway to kill marsh king (tornado does not work on Marsh King).
  4. Bombardier + Tracker Shot (7 crystals). I'd rather get this before witch but since you need Witch (or Wizard) to get past Marsh King, I put this in fourth place.

Other things to get

  1. Both upgrades for Blizzard. (Blizzard 2 crystals, Ice Tempest 5 crystals). Since this gives an area attack it is by far the most useful magic upgrade. Don't waste crystals on the other magic upgrades until you already have all the above.
  2. Extra training slot - 2 DSC, I recommend waiting to buy it until you have gold income to afford 1800g each to train 2 heroes simultaneously.

After that there are still other good towers for some levels: Sniper with .50 Cal is among the favorites, but this depends on being lucky with kill shots.

Hero skills like Durin's Stunner Bomb (Group Stun) or Korina's Arcane Bombardment are quite good.

By the time you have purchased all the above you should have a much better idea of your playstyle and what abilities work best for you.

Archer Tower Edit

  1. Jungle Warfare, cost to upgrade: 245, base dmg 365 - 600, attack speed 500 ms, range 170
    • Torque Bow: Made from the wood of ancient forest, these bows have much better range. Passive skill: increase range of the tower by 15/25/35.
      • Rating 4/10 - it would get higher, but the high range on a weak tower is still weak
        • This talent allows the tower to get a range of 262, potentially keeping targets in range for Focus (below) while going around curves. while this range is amazing, and allows sniping over walls in Blitz Acres, the tower is still overall fairly weak with very low damage. Note that this interacts multiplicatively with the range talents, so ranges will often show as odd.
    • Focus: Each additional arrow taken by an enemy from the same tower deals more damage. Passive skill: increase damage by 30/40/50 per shot.
      • Rating 2/10 takes far too long to ramp up to any kind of decent damage. Some abilities do more than 50k each. 50 extra damage is just not enough.
        • Very ineffective due to almost unnoticeable amount of damage increase during battle.
        • While terribly weak against normal creatures taking far too long to kill 1 enemy, this can be extraordinarily effective against zone bosses. with 2 shots fired per second, damage increases by 100 per second against a boss. Some bosses take over a minute to die, allowing more than 60K damage per shot, every half a second, but that is STILL less than the average damage done by sniper with .50 Cal during the same time period.
    • Overall rating: 3/10 - This is one of the weaker towers and very few people choose to use it late game. Sniper and Assassin are simply too much better to really consider this one.
  2. Sniper Lookout, cost to upgrade 260, base dmg 830 - 1500, attack speed 1200 ms, range 210
    • .50 Cal: Rifleman has a chance to take out an enemy in one head shot. Active skill: Work similarly to Punisher of geo tower. Initial purchase costs 250 and offers a 20% chance to one shot kill or deal 3-5 times damage. Second and third purchase each cost 200 more with 60% chance to one shot kill or deal 5-7 or 7-9 times damage respectively.
      • Rating 9/10 an amazing talent. 60% chance to 1-shot (or deal about 8x normal damage to a boss).
        • .50 Cal does not activate on every regular attack and has it's own separate cooldown (with cross-hairs appearing over the enemy unit), meaning every time it activates it has a 60% chance to one shot or deal increased damage.
        • It also has a very large range. It can hit enemies far outside the range of the towers normal attacks.
        • Used in Dragon Sniper strategy.
        • certain enemies in swamp are nearly impossible to kill without this talent. It is not recommended as an early purchase, the slow rate of fire mean you will want other towers to support, but this is the best talent for taking out big baddies, and something every player needs in the long run (level 40+ Marshlands)
        • Enemies in Mech Warship rely heavily on this skill. Using this will destroy massive enemies in a time.
    • Tranquilizer: An ungraded tranquilizer to deal with bigger, badder monsters. Active skill: stun an enemy for a short time.
      • Rating 5/10 while it may sound good, you should be 1-shot with .50 Cal anyway.
        • there is an internal cooldown on the stun skill, it is not applied to every shot, and finally bosses seem to be immune.
        • Short duration, only applies to one enemy, and often wasted on weaker unimportant enemies. Overall not a great talent.
    • Overall rating 7/10 - a great high end tower, but too slow to be great in the first 3 or 4 zones. Buy it, but not as your first choice.
  3. Assassin Syndicate, cost to upgrade 250, base dmg 600 - 935, attack speed 800 ms, range 170
    • Fly Cutter: Magically refined shurikens that ricochet 3 times between enemies. Passive skill.
      • rating 9/10 - a serious game changer
        Fly cutter - The King of Towers

        Fly cutter - The King of Towers

        • View video at right to see how this talent works
        • Used in cutting and meatshields strategy.
        • This skill is the best in the game for handling fliers. It is amazing for Lava Plains levels, and the easiest way to beat Fauna Forge. Strongly recommended for nearly every player.
        • Unfortunately the damage does not scale well into the later levels, the tower loses its effectiveness through The Desert and Marshlands but is still used there for air defense.
        • This skill is strong enough by itself to be considered a game changer. Maxing it out early can make many levels trivial.
        • While it will bounce to 5 enemies if 5 are available, if there are 2, it will hit one of them 3 time, and one of them twice.
    • Explosive Shot: Designed to explode on impact, these bullets leave their traget burning. Active skill: One of the assassins throws a bomb that creates a large burning area on the ground. Anything standing in the flames will continue to receive damage. Seems to be a relatively short cooldown, and the two assassins in the tower each have their own bombs. Multiple flaming grounds stack on the damage, so an enemy standing in the middle of five fires dies very quickly)
      • rating 8/10 - While not quite as powerful as Fly Cutter, it is one of the high damaging AOE powers available.
        • This is one of the only high damage area powers that is not on a cannon. the cooldown is surprisingly short, and leaves up to 2 flame patches.
        • This does not target or hurt Fliers, but Fly Cutters can generally handle that on their own.
    • overall rating 8.5/10 - This tower and it's upgrades should be one of the first three DSC purchases for most players

Barracks Edit

A lot of people neglect to upgrade their barracks so start complaining that soldiers die in 1 blow. Keep upgrading them and they can hold most monsters for a long time. Plenty of time to kill with the help of other towers. It's also useful to upgrade your barracks when your troops just died: you instantly get 3 new ones without the respawn waiting time.

  1. Coliseum is a good first choice. They have the most life and strength and will last the longest on the battlefield on early levels of barracks. Cost to upgrade: 290 (13 seconds respawn time), base dmg: 450 - 680, base HP: 8000, no armor
    • Piercing Pike: Costs: 200/150/50 (1.1 - 3.3/3.3 - 5.5/5.5 - 7.7) x damage.
      • Definitely decent upgrade for barracks. It can give 5.5 to 7.7 times hit strength. It means they can hit harder than heroes or towers, but only for short period of time. And since Coliseum lasts long, they may kill enemies before dying. In combination with other towers to help them to destroy everything.
    • Pike: Costs: 250/200/200 ranged attack (40/80/120) Range
      • Put Sir Lance Alotte and Reinforcements in front of Coliseum and your barracks will give them covering fire at an astounding murder rate. And of course they can hit fliers too.
      • Disadvantage: costs a lot of goods. Does not work with Piercing Pike.
  2. Cavalry Quarters (Knight) starts with medium armor which is 40%, and can increase by another 20% using cavalry shield, making them the best tanks around despite their lowish health. Cost to upgrade: 240 (13 seconds respawn time), base dmg: 350 - 550, base HP: 5400, medium armor (40%)
    • Giant Shield (10% - 15% - 20%): Adds a % armor. Extremely useful for late game because even at their base 40% armor they already alot more defensive than colliseum in late game (example 9000hp knights vs 11260hp colliseum), 9000+40% = 12600, with another 20%'s it will be 14400 worth of hp, and the more you upgrade your barracks the more useful knights become & the less useful colliseum becomes as meat shields
    • Valiant Taunt (3s - 4s - 5s): Your soldiers taunt enemies to attack them for an amount of time and not run past them. Useless, your troops just die faster because they get jumped by everyone.
  3. Hall of Divinity (Clergyman) are the weakest, less life then coliseum, slightly more then cavalry but without the armor so they will die the fastest. And least amount of hit strength. They do have a range attack to begin with so they can hit fliers, but most of the time it's useless since they are too weak to do much. And as soon as an enemy comes in range they will engage in close combat so no more ranged attack. With upgrade healer they do help in Blitz Acres to kill Marsh King, and are otherwise useful to boost heroes or Knight/Gladiators placed in front of them with healing. Cost to upgrade: 220 (13 seconds respawn time), base dmg: 330 - 500, base HP: 6700, no armor
    • Healer (50% - 60% - 70%) can restore health to your heroes so they can hold the Marsh King. However, they don't use heal while fighting themselves. Good for Blitz Acres when you get to hold 1 or 2 Marsh Kings, but they still die fast. Useless in levels when you need to hold dozens of enemies.
    • Slow Magic : should slow down enemies, not noticeable. Either it doesn't work or the difference is so small it doesn't help.

Cannons Edit

Cannons are used primarily to attack groups of enemies. It is important to note that while cannons will not *Target* fliers or shoot at them, if fliers happen to fly above the troops where cannons are shooting at, they will still take damage. Explosions harm fliers, dragooners never do damage to fliers.

  1. Bombadier (Slow attack speed), base dmg 1315 - 1970, attack speed 2400ms
    • Tracker Shot: Equipped with most advanced technology, these bullets automatically seek enemies. These missiles can hit flying enemies. Each missile does 3-5/5-7/7-9 times the base tower damage based on skill level on about a 10 second cooldown. Skill costs 250/200/200 to upgrade.
      • rating 10/10 This shot can seek anywhere on map, and does ridiculous damage in a huge AoE
        • After launch takes 2 seconds to lock on, then shoots towards enemy. if enemy dies before it hits, it picks a new target. It will always hit.
        • An enemy must be in tower's range to cause the missile to launch, but it can target anywhere, a tower in front of map can missile down enemies at the end.
        • One of the best ways to clear out large packs of enemies. Synergizes very well with tornados strategy, which group them up allowing 1 missile to take out an entire wave.
        • Scales very well into late-game. Since damage is based on tower damage, anything that increases tower damage boosts missile damage
        • It can also be triggered by, and hit fliers, so helps even on pure flying waves.
    • Shrapnel Shot:
      • rating 7/10 This skill can help destroy enemies easily, along with Tracker Shot.
        • The cluster bomb will seperate into 3-5 shells to damage enemies within an area. Nearly looks like Tracker Shot, except not homing and each cluster bomb seperate into 3-5/7-9/9-11 shells. Skills costs 250/200/200 to upgrade. Can't attack fliers and damage depends on the number of shells.
    • overall rating 8.5/10 - this is one of my two favorite towers. It's base DPS is far below dragooner, but the specials more than make up for it. Without specials it is weaker than dragooner
  2. Dragooner (Very fast attack speed) (Can hit 1-3 enemy's at once, tips: block with guard and you can hit more enemies) Cost to upgrade: 320, base dmg 250 - 350, attack speed 250ms
    • Broiling Flames: A super heated bullet dealing 3000~5000 damage in an area when enemies dies. Upgrades to 9000-15000 damage. Unfortunately this is a fixed number, so its percentage increase in tower damage will decrease with tower levels. Passive skill: The enemy hit directly by the dragon receives a debuff with a flame icon above its head. On death, that enemy deals some damage around it to other enemies. Note that only the direct target of the dragon hit by it, not the splash damage on any other enemies near it, receives this debuff).
      • Rating 5/10 While this sounds great at the beginning, by desert your towers will be doing 10K damage per shot or more, and this ability does not scale or improve with level or fortification.
        • You are often better off buying a second tower than upgrading this skill. i would not buy this unless you have crystals to spare.
        • My associate Krimson would like to point out that he rates this skill closer to an 8, and says that in some levels it can be very effective if there are large numbers of weaker enemies.
    • Dragon's Anger: Refined with dragon essence, unleash 2.5 fire damage upon your enemies, cooldown: 8 seconds. Will upgrade to 3 times damage with 5 second cool down, although the actual attack rate of this ability seems to be more random and sometimes faster. Of note, dragon's anger will attack flying enemies. Active skill. Makes a ring of fire on the ground, enemies inside of the ring take damage. But sadly not that much.)
      • rating 6/10 damage is still too weak for the cost.
        • While 2.5x damage sounds nice, remember that dragooner does 1/10 the damage per shot of bombardier, so this ability still does 1/4 of a normal bombardier shot, and it's specials do as much as 9-11x more than that.
        • this can be nice for hitting air targets when there is not enough room to place other towers to handle air support.
        • cooldown is very short, and multiple towers with this ability can make multiple rings which stack for damage
    • overall rating 8/10 while the skills for this tower are weak and underwhelming, the base tower is amazing. This tower does more DPS than any other and its area damage. It does not scale as well into Marshlands. I recommend picking up the base tower as soon as possible, but consider skipping out on the specials. At higher levels, Bombardier with specials will usually outperform, though not always.
  3. Oiler (Average attack speed), base dmg 530 - 1200, attack speed 1200ms
    • Ignition Oil : Stepping in this oil, causes enemies to be more easily ignited. Enemies will get a black aura debuff. Affected enemies received 3x or more damage from Dragooners. It doesn't seem to interact with assassin burning bombs.
      • rating 1/10 - far too situational
        • requires having both Dragooner and Oiler built to do anything, and then only affects enemies who are hit by both towers, in the right order. Too slow to build up
    • Jumbo Vat : This oil designed to be thick and goopy is very effective in slowing down enemies. Active skill: Fires a blob of oil which creates a big oil puddle on the ground which lasts about 5 seconds. Enemies move very slowly while on the puddle. Rather long cool-down.
      • rating 3/10 long cooldown kills the usefulness
        • while slowing towers are great in most tower defenses, this one is simply not. The slow is short, the cooldown is long.
    • overall rating 1/10 probably the worst tower in the game. Do not buy it except for BP once you run out of things to buy. If you already bought it, do not use it.
    • Disagreement by LeoWoo I would challenge this rating from my Deep Sea experience.
      • First, on the contrary, Ignition Oil skill is quite effective with Dragooner. At level 3, the skill enables Dragooner does 4 times increased damage. I often use 1 Oiler with 2 to 3 Dragooner to deal with massive enemies. (It would be more effective if the flash player is running slow. As enemies are packed.)
      • Second, the skill is surely not a quick build but it is as quick as building 2.5 Dragooner. After that, it becomes goods/damage effective (200 goods / time).
      • Finally, the real challenge for this build (Dragooner + Ignition Oil) is fliers. I have to upgrade to very high levels both arrow towers (70+) and all Physical Tech (1600+ in total).

Mage Towers Edit

  1. Geomancer Tower (Average attack speed) Cost to upgrade:260, base dmg 1200 - 1500, attack speed 1300 ms
    • Warp: Using wormholes, geomancers can teleport enemies backward along the pathway. Active Skill: teleport an enemy back to the start point. Cooldown: 30s.
      • rating 8/10 This skill can be as or more effective than tornado for pushing enemies back, but unfortunately does not damage them like Tornado.
        • To get the most out of it place geomancer towers near the end of a track
        • Note that this skill won't work on zone bosses
    • Punisher: Harness the powers of justice to 1-hit-KO an enemy. 300 gold (+ 250 g for each upgrade). Active Skill: kill an non-boss enemy in one hit. Cooldown + upgrades: 60s – 50s – 45 s.
      • rating 7/10 Instant kills are great and all, but the cooldown is absurd. Sniper tower with .50 gets this added to 60% of all attacks. Effective when attacking Mechanized T. Rex.
        • I would only recommend this skill if you have Geos anyway to use Warp, and have DSCs to spare.
    • overall 7.5/10 - If Witch wasn't so absurdly overpowered, this would be a decent tower. i cannot recommend spending anything on this when Witch is so much better.
  2. Witch Tower (Slow attack speed) Cost to upgrade: 320base dmg 1530 - 2900*, attack speed 1800 ms
    • Tornado. Active skill.
      • rating 10/10 the best skill in game. If you can get multiple witches built, you win any level.
        • Damage of each tornado is done as a percentage of the enemies max health. Small = 20% Medium = 30% and High = 40%. It also depends on enemies' magic armor.
        • First upgrade: Cost 300. "Tornado winds blow enemies backwards 150 units and deals small damage". Cooldown of 30 seconds.
        • Second upgrade: Cost 250, changes to "Blows back 300 units, deals medium damage". Cooldown is reduced to 25 seconds
        • Third upgrade: Cost 250, changes to "Blows back 600 units, deals high damage". Cooldown is reduced to 20 seconds.
        • Notes: Tornado does not activate but work for enemy fliers (UPD: since version .123 on AG and FB tornado now activate on fliers). It affects multiple enemies (Limit not known, if there is one. Seems to blow back all enemies, at least 8+ is seen). It does damage to the total of enemies swept away.
        • Tornado occasionally does funny things with pathing. Once in a great while tornados will do odd things like blowing enemies through walls. Sometimes it will do nothing at all. Sometimes the witch will cast the tornado yet none appears, and the cooldown resets. Do not rely on these alone.
        • Known enemies immune to tornado (pick-up and push back):
    • Ice Elemental. Cost to research: 300, base dmg: 1300 - 2000, base HP: 2700, no armor
    • Active skill.
      • rating 8/10 - While only 5/10 on it's own, it forms a speedbump that delays enemies, giving time for the next tornado of win. It's also advisable to use them to split one of Marsh Kings in Blitz Acres.
        • The witch will summon her first elemental in front of her shortly after the skill is purchased for goods. It does magic damage and has a range attack to use before enemies enter its melee aggro radius. Although not that useful, it could do comparatively heavier damage than soldiers from Recruit Barracks. The Ice Elemental and Earth Elemental resurrect where it was killed rather then respawn at tower base.
        • First upgrade: Cost 300. Summon an Ice Elemental to battle (10s respawn time)
        • Second upgrade: Cost 250, more health and damage.
        • Third upgrade: Cost 250, more health and damage.
  • Its stats still increases lower, not too useful.
    • overall rating 9/10 - easily best tower in game. Highest DPS of all mage towers*, tornado is a game changer. If you can save the resources to build 2-3 of these, you win.
    • *This is not true. Damages will actually be lower than the stated value. It seems to do about 75% of its stated value before magic armor is factored in. This results in a base DPS of about 922, making it the lowest DPS of all mage branches. It should also be noted that the damage will disproportionately be in the middle of its damage range- extremely low or high damages are rare. Work out this range by multiplying your current mage damage by 0.75 for a more accurate result.
  • Wizard Tower (Slow attack speed), base dmg 1200 - 2220, attack speed 1600ms
    • Transfiguration: Transform enemies to harmless animals (transforms only one enemy).
      • rating 6/10 - Hard to rate. this skill can help make certain very tough enemies easier, such as mud golems or lizard archers
        • Only one target on a fairly long cooldown.
        • To be fair I don't own this skill yet, but have heard from others it is fairly weak. Certainly not worth comparing to Witch's Tornado.
    • Earth Elemental: Cost to research: 300, base dmg: 1000 - 1500, base HP: 3300, no armor Summon an Earth Elemental to battle (10s respawn time). The Earth Elemental's health and damage increases with each upgrade. It does physical damage and has more health than the Ice Elemental.
      • rating 5/10 - i was disappointed. While it does roadblock nicely, for 300g it does not do nearly as well as 300g worth of barracks.
        • Melee only (unlike Witch) and low damage. Health is decent and scales with fortification level. base is something like 13k, I can't verify that. Mine is up to 21K health at level 3. By then that is still not that much in hit points.
    • Overall rating 5.5/10 - Weakest of the wizards, lowest DPS, mediocre abilities. I was sorry I had purchased it after I used it.