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Transactions with Street Performers is an event based on Dark Trade. However, there are six places to exchange. When you exchange, you will receive influence.

This event is limited to 14 days.

I've walked to this Kingdom and I want to exchange some of my things for traveling expenses. These are good products at a fair price. I can them to you, but there is a price.

These items aren't that easy to aquire, so I only bring a few every day. There are many rare valuables among them. Good luck!

If our transaction goes well, I may give you some items for free. I hope everyone can come listen to the music I play. Thanks for your support!

Deals Edit

To gain influence (hearts) you make deals with the Street Performers. In each deal they need something and give (convert) you something else in return + influence.

Each day you can make 5 deals for free. Each additional deal costs 10x diamonds.

Below is a table of each possible deal known. They may be different for Kingdom levels.

Need item Convert item Influence (hearts) Kingdom level
2000x Gold 1x Primary Materials Pack (3x RO+EE+FW+AE) 10 28-29
2000x Gold 5x Notch Rock 10 29
3000x Gold 1x Longevity Card 10 29-30
3000x Gold 2x Burger 10 31-33
3000x Gold 1x Cold Wand 20 32-33
4000x Gold 5x Elemental Contract 10 28
4500x Gold 1x Big Cache 10 64
6000x Gold 2x Burger 10 64
10000x Gold 1x Advanced Materials Pack (5x RO+EE+FW+AE+BG+WE) 10 34
20000x Gold 1x Essence Solvent 20 32,47,64
30000x Gold 1x Essence Solvent 20
2000x Honor Star 5x Heroic Medal 10 28,30
3200x Honor Star 1x Jewel Chest lv1 (elite) 10 28-30
6000x Honor Star 1x Jewel Chest lv1 (elite) 10 31-32
6500x Honor Star 1x Jewel Chest lv1 (elite) 10 34
7500x Honor Star 50x Tear of Shiva 10 31-32,34
12000x Honor Star 1x Jewel Chest lv1 (elite) 10
40x Diamond 5x Magic Hammer 50 33,47-48
40x Diamond 1x Dark Soul Crystal 50 30-33
50x Diamond 5x Modern Outfit Essence 20 28-29,31-32,47
168x Diamond 1x War God Sword 50 30
688x Diamond 1x War God Helmet 50 47
688x Diamond 1x War God Armor 50 47
688x Diamond 1x War God Sword 50 33,47
688x Diamond 1x War God Necklace 50 47
??? 1x Winter Warrior Lance 50 47
788x Diamond 1x Nothing (no text or picture) 100 29
1388x Diamond 1x War God Necklace 50
1388x Diamond 1x War God Armor 50
1388x Diamond 1x War God Helmet 50
2x Any equipment* 500x Honor Star 10 28-29,47
2x Any equipment* 1000x Honor Star 10 32
2x Any equipment* 500x Gold 10 28-30,47
2x Any equipment* 1000x Gold 10 31-33
3x Any equipment* 5x Diamond 50
15x Rainbow Ore 2x Burger 10 28-30,32,47
15x Rainbow Ore 2x Phoenix Feather 10 28,32,34
15x Rainbow Ore 1x Longevity Card 10 31-34
20x Earth Essence 5x Madantium 10 28-31,47
20x Earth Essence 5x Rock Block 10 31-33,47
20x Earth Essence 5x Magic Hammer 10 47-48
20x Earth Essence 5x Heroic Medal 10 32
10x Notch Rock 1x Apple Pie 20 28-30,47
10x Notch Rock 1x Upgrade Tome lv1 20 31,34,47,64
17x Notch Rock 1x Blue Fairy 20
20x Notch Rock 1x Dark Soul Crystal 20 28
5x Elemental Contract 1x Apple Pie 20 31
6x Elemental Contract 1x Turkey 20 33,47
1x Dark Soul Crystal 1x Invisibility Charm 20 32,64
2x Dark Soul Crystal 1x Potent Bomb 20 28-29,31
4x Dark Soul Crystal 1x Hero Upgrade Chest 20 31-34
25x Tear of Shiva 1x Shipyard's Material Pack 10
40x Tear of Shiva 5x Grindstone 10
1x Upgrade tower (fortify) 500x Gold 20 28
1x Upgrade tower (fortify) 1000x Gold 20 33
1x Upgrade tower technology (castle) 1000x Gold 20 32-33
1x Upgrade magic skill (fortify) 500x Honor Star 20 28
1x Upgrade magic skill (fortify) 1000x Honor Star 20 32-33
1x Upgrade port technology 1000x Gold 20 33
1x Upgrade port technology 1500x Gold 20 47,64
1x Upgrade equipment (enchant) 500x Honor Star 20 30
1x Upgrade equipment (enchant) 2000x Honor Star 20

Note *: You get to choose these unequipped items, so it is not random.

Full list of items that may appear for any (known) Kingdom level:

  • Gold
  • Honor
  • Diamond
  • Burger
  • Big Cache
  • Longevity Card
  • Phoenix Feather
  • Madantium
  • Heroic Medal
  • Level 1 Jewel Chest (elite)
  • Upgrade Tome level I
  • Dark Soul Crystal
  • Modern Outfit Essence
  • Apple Pie
  • Turkey
  • Cold Wand
  • Potent Bomb
  • Essence Solvent
  • Hero Upgrade Chest
  • War God Helmet
  • War God Armor
  • War God Sword
  • War God Necklace
  • Dark Soul Crystal
  • Magic Hammer

Yes, DSC shows up twice on the list, likely different quantity and different price.

The following lists show additional items each Kingdom level provides.

Level 28-30:

  • Primary Materials Pack (3x RO+EE+FW+AE)
  • Notch Rock?
  • Elemental Contract
  • Poseidon's Trident

Level 31-34,47-48:

  • Advanced Materials Pack (5xRO, 5xEE, 5xFW, 5xAE, 5xBG and 5xWE)
  • Rock Brick
  • Tear of Shiva
  • Invisibility Charm
  • Winter Warrior Lance

Rewards Edit

200 Influence: 1000 Gold, 500 Honor

500 Influence: 2000 Gold, 1000 Honor

1000 Influence: 3000 Gold, 1500 Honor and 1 Magic Hammer

1500 Influence: 5000 Gold, 2500 Honor and 1 Upgrade Tome

2000 Influence: 6000 Gold, 3000 Honor and 1 Dark Soul Crystal

3000 Influence: 7000 Gold, 3500 Honor and 1 Hero Upgrade Chest

Dates Edit

List of periods this event is known to have run at:

  • 2015-05-27 to 2015-06-10

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