This is a series of transcripts from entire game.

All transcripts are triggered by battling the map in easy mode, and only the first time.

Prelude Edit

The orc horde invaded Azylon through dimensional portals, fleeing their planet's destruction. The war was fierce between the two races. The war lasted for 334 years... In the last year of the war, the fighting was the most fierce. The rivers ran red with blood and half of the world was ravaged. Both races on the brink of extinction, signed a peace treaty that has lasted for centuries. Then the rumors started that the orc horde has once again raised their armies preparing for war. Jain Lantafik has just been sworn in as the new King among the rumors of the orc's battle wish. He has pledged to strengthen Azylon's army once more. The rumors were true... Only months later, the orc armies appear on King Jain's doorstep, knocking on the door.

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Kingdom Edit

Kingdom Level 4 Edit

Vord Knight: My king, I'm fairly sure I heard that you won victory at Gaint Mountain Chain! I'm the former king's captain, please allow me to join your troops to fight enemies together!

Kingdom Level 14 Edit

Vord Knight: The world is a dangerous place and we are in need of more heroes to protect the realm.

Events Edit

The Traveling Salesman Edit

The Traveling Salesman: I'm a Traveling Salesman. I inadvertently came across your Kingdom whilst on my travels. It's a stunning place!

King Jain Lantafik: Of course! Thanks to my leadership, the Kingdom has loyal soldiers, the people are happy, our scholars are the smartest in the land...

The Traveling Salesman: Oh, ok. Well, I have collected many things on my travels. Take a look and see if there's anything that you need. I can sell things to you for a very cheap price!

The Traveling Salesman: I'll be here for the next 14 days before I leave and continue my travels. You'll need to hurry up though if you want to buy my things!

Grasslands Edit

Citopolis Gate Edit

High Priestess: My Sire, the day has finally come where you take the throne.

King Jain Lantafik: Yes, it is time. I will fulfill the desires of the Lantafik name! I shall go forth and destoy the evil armies. Wait for my return, Priestess.

High Priestess: The prophecy does not speak of defeating the enemy. Your path is a long and treacherous one.

After winning the battle Edit

Soldier: Victory! My King, we are victorious!

King Jain Lantafik: A great start to the campaign! But we must keep up the pace, these green-skinned orcs must not be underestimated. You sir, what is your name?

War Veteran Hans: My name is Hans, a retired veteran. I now train your majesty's militia to deal with the green-skins.

King Jain Lantafik: Your militia is trained very well, they will be of great use to the kingdom's cause. Your service is greatly noticed.

War Veteran Hans: It is my honor to serve the Kingdom, my Lord. I have an old friend who wants to meet you, Vord Knight, The Silver Knight.

King Jain Lantafik: Great, bring him to me!

War Veteran Hans: Yes, my Lord. I will call upon him now.

Citopolis Center Edit

King Jain Lantafik: As expected the second platoon of orcs is on the way. The barracks troops are yours to command Vord Knight. Militia aid I leave to you, Hans. May the light be with you.

Vord Knight: Yes, King Jain, understood!

War Veteran Hans: The militia will be at the ready and await you orders.

King Jain Lantafik: Sometimes fire must be fought with fire. Move out!

After winning the battle Edit

War Veteran Hans: I see your wits are as Sharp as your blade, Lance Alotte.

Vord Knight: You were not so bad yourself, old-timer!

King Jain Lantafik: Haha, let's not kill each other with flattery. We have a long journey yet and the orc stronghold awaits us.

King Jain checks the battle maps.

Vord Knight: Of course, my King!

War Veteran Hans: Yes, my King!

Circa Field Edit

Vord Knight: The orcs have sent a squad of wyverns. We need to make sure we have sufficient anti-air defenses! Unfortunately, I am of no use against enemy fliers.

King Jain Lantafik: Not to worry, I have heard of a man up for the job.

Not far into the trees, a wyvern takes an arrow to head and crashes into the forest.

King Jain Lantafik: Lance Alotte, I'm leaving you in charge. You, ranger, who might you be?

Robin Eagleye: They call me Robin Eagleye. These blasted birds woke me from my nap!

King Jain Lantafik: Your arrows fly high and true, we could use a man like you in the guard.

Robin turns 90 degrees and lets an arrow fly into the oncoming wyvern pack, taking down the lead wyvern.

Robin Eagleye: The King's guard? We can talk business after the battle.

After winning the battle Edit

Vord Knight: It's a good thing we had a ranger on our side.

King Jain Lantafik: Definitely, we currently don't have the resources to upgrade our defense towers to higher grades.

Robin Eagleye turns toward the forest to leave.

King Jain Lantafik: Sir Eagleye, please reconsider the offer, the kingdom needs you...the people need you to keep them safe from the blasted orcs.

Robin Eagleye: Your ploy of politics will do you no good here. If there is glory and a good fight involved I will see, but you must prove this to me first! Good night.

King Jain Lantafik: I'm sure he will come around.

Vord Knight: Arrogant rangers...

Canine Fortress Edit

Wolfbane: You think by killing a few wolves you are "oh so mighty" ? I will see your defeat myself!

Wolfbane shouts and directs troops at the edge of the battlefield.

Vord Knight: Take care, King Jain. Wolfbane is one of the horde's champions. They say he eats traitors for breakfast.

King Jain Lantafik: I have heard of him, Lance Alotte. Ready the cannoneers for battle, they will be needed this day.

Vord Knight: Already on it.

From the city walls, Wolfbane's voice drifts over the battlefield.

Wolfbane: My sons and daughters are hungry, who wants to go first?

King Jain Lantafik: What an arrogant miscreant, it will be his demise. Today cannons will fly and bombard our enemies to a fine dust!

After winning the battle Edit

Wolfbane: Impossible! How dare you replusive humans destroy my beloved wolves!

King Jain Lantafik: Looks like he's a sore loser. And he has anger management issues!

Wolfbane disables a soldier, steals his horse and rides off into the distance.

Wolfbane: You have not seen the last of me! There are bigger, worse things to come! I await our next battle, pink-skins!

King Jain Lantafik: It's a shame Eagleye isn't here. He could end this right here with one arrow.

Vord Knight stands next to King Jain with a stern look.

King Jain Lantafik: Don't mind him, Lance...I do wonder what he meant by worse things though. We must gather new intel.

Vord Knight: Yes, my King. I'll send the scouts out now.

The Twisted Green (bonus) Edit

Vord Knight: My King, ahead is the hidden encampment of orcs that our scouts stumbled upon.

King Jain Lantafik: Set up our defenses here. Once set, send a small party to lead them this way.

Vord Knight: Intelligent move, my King.

After winning the battle Edit

Vord Knight: The recovered goods from this operation can help us upgrade our mage towers.

King Jain Lantafik: Perfect, let's get the research going!

The Tundra Edit

Tundra Tribes Edit

Vord Knight: My king, the Priestess Rita has sent a messenger.

King Jain Lantafik: I will go to see him at once.

King Jain goes to receive the courier.

Rizza's Courier: My king, the Priestess has reports of demon invaders. The legions of hell have opened portals to our world and they only want one thing - destruction. The last time they came Priestess Rita was the one to drive them off.

King Jain Lantafik: We need to get to Rita's side immediately!

Rizza's Courier: Not yet, my King. Rita says that the only way to drive the demons back is to use the powers of the feared, Heart of Winter, in the Tundra. We must head there first.

King Jain Lantafik: As she says, Lance Alotte! Get the army ready and pack some fur coats, we are heading to the Tundra!

Vord Knight: Yes, my King!

After winning the battle Edit

Vord Knight: The locals are extremely unfriendly...

War Veteran Hans: Something tells me something is not quite right here.

King Jain Lantafik: Agreed. But first let's build a fire and get some rest.

Frosty Path Edit

Korina Chantress: Gentlemen, the Priestess Rita has sent me to assist you in your endeavors.

Vord Knight: Not to be impolite, but don't you think you might be a little fragile for such a task? The Priestess should have sent a warrior.

Korina Chantress: You shouldn't underestimate the unknown Vord Knight.

King Jain Lantafik: If Rita puts her trust in you, then I will too...

Korina Chantress: Korina, Korina Chantress.

King Jain Lantafik: Welcome to the fray. We appreciate the aid.

After winning the battle Edit

Vord Knight: Hope you can forgive my previous words, Korina.

Korina Chantress: You're forgiven this time. What? Have you never seen a beautiful maiden in battle?

Lance Alotte and King Jain are speechless.

King Jain Lantafik: Nervous laugh. Never with your skill! Will you honor us by leading the mage squad?

Howling Ravine Edit

Korina Chantress: What Rita feared is true. The inhabitants here have all been afflicted by dark magic.

King Jain Lantafik: The demons are here too? We must move quickly.

A hair-raising howl arises in the distance.

King Jain Lantafik: Was that a demon?

Korina Chantress: I did not sense any evil in the cry, it seems more like a cry for help.

King Jain Lantafik: I can't tell if you're being sarcastic.

Korina Chantress: It came from over here, let's check out that cave.

Korina warps the party to the cave.

King Jain Lantafik: Scout, rally the troops. The destination is the southernmost cave.

After winning the battle Edit

King Jain Lantafik: Korina, you begin to grow on me.

Korina Chantress: Well he's a handsome looking fellow, don't you think?

Gentor: Thank you, humans! I was frozen on that cave! I thought the beautiful maiden was just my mind playing tricks!

King Jain Lantafik: No need to thank us Gentor, you did your part as well.

Korina Chantress: Haha! Cute, hairy humans! I forgot how I got frozen down there, it's been a long while, I'm hungry now, very hungry...

Gentor babbles on for a good 20 minutes.

King Jain Lantafik: Looks like we'll be here for a while... have you seen my pipe?

Vord Knight: Right here, my King.

Storm Hold Edit

Gentor: This is where I take my leave, beautiful maiden.

Korina Chantress: Thank you, dear Gentor.

King Jain Lantafik: Now, now, you two...

Gentor: Who might you be, man?

Korina Chantress: This is the King of the land.

King Jain almost trips.

Gentor: Friendly humans! Before I go find some supper, you should beware of the Heart of Winter, he has been corrupted by the demons. Now, I take my leave.

King Jain Lantafik: Thank you, Gentor, for all your help! Now we need to get the army ready, sounds like we have a tough battle ahead.

Korina hangs her head in disappointment.

Korina Chantress: I'm sorry to see the handsome fellow go...

After winning the battle Edit

King Jain Lantafik: Is it over?

Korina Chantress: Shh!

Heart of Winter: Thank you, brave souls, for freeing me from the demon's enchantments!

The Heart of Winter visibly looks weaker and weaker.

Heart of Winter: You cannot defeat the demons as is, you must use my powers and push forward.

King Jain Lantafik: Wait, how do we harness your power?

The Heart of Winter melts into the landscape leaving behind an icy crystal.

Korina Chantress: This crystal is his soul stone and where his powers lie. The demons must have tormented him for a long time for him to go so quickly.

Korina wears an expression of grief mixed with grimness. King Jain pats her shoulder.

King Jain Lantafik: Let's go.

Frost Plains (bonus) Edit

War Veteran Hans: Our scouts have found a hidden encampment 5 miles from here. What are your orders?

King Jain Lantafik: We will take the camp by force. We well need all the firepower we can get. Hans your militia will be the leading force this battle.

After winning the battle Edit

War Veteran Hans: That battle went well for us!

King Jain Lantafik: All thanks to your grade A militia training!

War Veteran Hans: No need for flatter, my King, just doing my job!

Lava Plains Edit

Old Country Edit

Demon Guard: Stop, you! Raaaahhhrr! Kill!

Durin Atomika: What makeas you think me stop for you? Cannons locked and loaded!

Bang! The area is hit with a concussive wave and a bright light, knocking the demon unconcious.

Vord Knight: Don't move, goblin!

Durin Atomika: Hey, hey, not so hasty! Me can help you sirs with me explosives!

King Jain Lantafik: Lance Alotte, not so fast. Who are you and why do you want to aid us?

Durin Atomika: Me called Durin Atomika, the demolitions expert! Me chieftain wenta crazy and worships these demons! Me need to quell threat to protect me family.

King Jain Lantafik: Join us in battle and I shall test your skills!

After winning the battle Edit

King Jain Lantafik: Impressive, Durin!

Durin Atomika: You haven'ta seen nothing yet!

King Jain Lantafik: What is your stance on cannon towers?

Durin Atomika: Cannons, anything with explosives and gunpowders me like!

Vord Knight: My King, I do not advise taking a goblin into our ranks...

King Jain Lantafik: This is my decision Lance Alotte. He will join the ranks and we will keep him under watch.

Vord Knight: As you say, my King.

Headless Valley Edit

Vord Knight: King Jain, ahead there is a large platoon of demon forces.

King Jain Lantafik: Durin, get ready to test out the new cannons.

Durin Atomika: Me will destroy them all!

A angry glint glows in Durin's eyes.

King Jain Lantafik: Durin, we need to keep our heads cool or unnecessary life could be lost. Lance, assemble the army.

Vord Knight: Yes, King Jain.

After winning the battle Edit

Vord Knight: King, your trusted goblin is no where to be found.

King Jain Lantafik: What?

Vord Knight: I told you they could not be trusted!

King Jain Lantafik: You may be right, but I think we will still see more of him.

King Jain sinks into a contemplative mood.

Magma Mount Edit

King Jain Lantafik: What is the next destination, Lance?

Vord Knight: Up ahead is the demon guard elite.

BOOM! A huge explosion goes off, raining fire down upon the battlefield.

King Jain Lantafik: Looks like the demons are angered. What say you?

Vord Knight: We don't have much time, my King! Lead the army!

King Jain unsheathes his claymore and leads the charge toward the demon guard elite!

King Jain Lantafik: Attack!!

After winning the battle Edit

King Jain Lantafik: Soldiers, hold fast, stand strong.

Vord Knight: For the Kingdom!

Robin Eagleye: No mercy for the evil!

Korina Chantress: Tonight, evil will fall!

King Jain Lantafik: Forward!

Scorched Waste Edit

Captain of Destruct: C'mon hellspawn, it's time to take this world for ourselves!

Waves of demons continue to march through the red hell portal.

King Jain Lantafik: Korina, propel the Heart of Winter's soul stone into the demons abdomen! It will destroy it!

Korina Chantress: True, King. But we need to find an opening in it's defense first. It is currently too strong.

Captain of Destruct: Who are these puny humans? Trying to stop me are you? Bring them to me as sacrifices!

The Captain of Destruction draws his sword of flames.

Korina Chantress: Careful, King, he is making his way towards us.

King Jain Lantafik: Prepare for battle!

After winning the battle Edit

Captain of Destruct: Protect me you useless hellspawn!

The weakened Captain summons demons on all sides to protect him and tries to regroup his strength.

King Jain Lantafik: The demons numbers are too great ...

A goblin airship suddenly comes into view over the mountain side. Durin Atomika hangs down on a rope with a multitude of explosives.

Durin Atomika: King, we musta take our opportunities! Let me bombs fly!

King Jain Lantafik: Durin, how the...

Durin Atomika: Quicklee! King! Let's keeell these demons!

Durin lets all his bombs drop and in an instant, all the lesser demons were wiped out, leaving the Captain weak and on his knees. King Jain and Korina launch the Heart of Winter soul stone into the Captain of Destruction's abdomen slowly freezing him to ice.

Captain of Destruct: No, no, this cannot be!

King Jain Lantafik: Last words? This will be your last breath.

Captain of Destruct: You are cursed, human! You will wish you were dead!

After freezing completely, a purple light shone from King Jain's chest and dissapated the ice demon.

King Jain Lantafik: It's over, demon.

Flaming Plains (bonus) Edit

King Jain Lantafik: Is it this way?

Durin Atomika: Yes, King! We need to check for survivors, maybe me brother made it out alive

King Jain Lantafik: We will execute a full search once we eliminate the residing demons.

After winning the battle Edit

Durin Atomika: They not here!

King Jain Lantafik: The demons were numerous, they must have moved on to somewhere else.

Durin Atomika: Yes, yes, that must be it.

The Desert Edit

The Barrens Edit

King Jain wakes up one morning a middle aged man with barely enough strength to pick up his sword.

Vord Knight: My King, what is wrong?

King Jain Lantafik: The demon, he must have really cursed me.

Vord Knight: The High Priestess' courier is here, hopefully they bring good news.

Rizza's Courier: My King, the High Priestess knows of your curse, it's an aging curse. The only cure lies in the heart of the Marsh King, the Chimera Lord. You will need to move quickly through the Desert and the rest of the Marshlands to find him.

King Jain Lantafik: Thank you for your services. I guess our course is now determined! Ready the troops!

Vord Knight: Yes, my King!

After winning the battle. Edit

King Jain Lantafik: The desert eats away at the soldier's strength.

Vord Knight: My King, you must take it easy.

King Jain's thoughts turned to Durin, the little goblin who risked it all. There was no body or any other sign of him after the battle.

King Jain Lantafik: Be well little one.

Mirage Sands Edit

Vord Knight: King Jain, our water stores are running low. Hans and I are departing in search of a fresh water source.

King Jain Lantafik: Keep safe.

A dark shadow creeps across the sky.

Korina Chantress: Everyone take cover! This is what rules the desert!

The party takes cover between rocks and under sand colored blankets.

Desert Shadow: ROOOOAAARRRR!!

King Jain Lantafik: Was that a dragon?

Robin Eagleye: I think that was the fabled Bone Dragon, spurred to life by an ancient necromancer.

In the distance, figures can be seen climbing out of the sand. The dragon's magic has awakened the dead.

After winning the battle Edit

Korina Chantress: We must avoid that creature at all costs. It's might is great.

Vord Knight: I always thought it was just a legend.

King Jain Lantafik: We will do the best we can.

Vord Knight: Everyone should take a rest, Hans and I will go in search of water.

King Jain Lantafik: Take care, the desert buzzes with the dragon's magic.

The Lone Stronghold Edit

Hans helps a hobbling soldier into camp.

War Veteran Hans: My King, the water party was ambushed by a bunch of Treasure Hunters and had our supplies stolen. Lance Alotte is on their tail, while I've escorted the injured back.

King Jain Lantafik: Unfortunate news, tend to your injuries before getting back to your duties.

Korina Chantress: What's the problem?

King Jain Lantafik: Treasure Hunters.

Korina Chantress: What's the plan?

King Jain Lantafik: We are going to aid Lance, but don't get any ideas about reaping treasure along the way Korina. Robin we will need your aid on this journey.

Robin Eagleye: Of course, I will gather my gear.

After winning the battle Edit

Korina Chantress: King Jain! I found a piece of a treasure map!

King Jain Lantafik: Gather our stolen supplies and get prepared to leave.

Vord Knight: As you say, my King. But these supplies will go to waste if we just leave them. We can use them to our advantage.

King Jain Lantafik: You make a point, gather what we can and take it back to camp.

Korina Chantress: Men...never listen. I have a treasure map!

King Jain Lantafik: We know! First we need to get back to camp.

Calamityville Edit

Vord Knight: My King, I've got good news and bad news, which first?

King Jain Lantafik: Good news.

Vord Knight: We've found Durin! It seems the explosion sent him careening into the desert.

Durin holds his bruised right side.

Durin Atomika: Have ya changed your mind about me explosives, King?

King Jain Lantafik: I'm glad to see you alive, Durin! Lance, what is the bad news?

Vord Knight: Korina is gone, she left a note saying she went to search the pyramid for treasure...

King Jain Lantafik: What's so great about shiny things? Alright, gather the troops and let's find Miss Chantress.

Durin Atomika: Let's go! Me still have some explosives me haven't tested!

King Jain Lantafik: Lance Alotte, lead the way.

Vord Knight: Keep on the look out, this is unknown terrain.

After winning the battle Edit

King Jain Lantafik: Missing.

Dragon Immortalis: What makes you think I can die? Bow down to me!

King Jain faints in the heat.

Korina Chantress: I know this is my fault...but hanging your head is never the answer!

Vord Knight: Korina, get the King out of here. I will hold him off.

Korina Chantress: Lance, I can't jus...

Vord Knight: Go! The kingdom needs the King alive! I will meet you at the Marshlands!

Korina rides off with the King, while the remaining heroes battle in a fight for their lives.

Desert's Grave (bonus) Edit

Korina Chantress: This is it! The X on the treasure map! It's here!

King Jain Lantafik: I do hope there is some kind of treasure and this is not for naught...

Korina Chantress: Of course there is! Let's get going King Jain!

After winning the battle Edit

Korina Chantress: Woohoo! I told you there was treasure!

King Jain Lantafik: Haha, alright Korina, calm down. Let's get these goods all packed up.

Korina Chantress: No need to tell me twice! Let's get packin'!

Marshlands Edit

Hideout Marsh Edit


After winning the battle Edit

The Twisted Marsh Edit

Robin Eagleye: King! Over here, quickly!

King Jain Lantafik: I'm here! Are you sure we're being followed?

Robin Eagleye: King, are you doubting my skills? They will be here in no less than 30 minutes.

King Jain Lantafik: Let's get our defense set up quickly then.

Robin Eagleye: I don't know why they have trailed us this far, be careful.

After winning the battle Edit

King Jain Lantafik: I apologize for doubting you Robin.

Robin Eagleye: No worries, my King.

King Jain Lantafik: I may need you for more tracking duties in the future.

Robin Eagleye: My King! There's someone following you!

King Jain Lantafik: What? Who? Where?

Robin Eagleye: Miss Chantress is standing behind you.

King Jain folds his arms and shakes his head as Robin enjoys his little joke.

Oblivion's Cave Edit

Death's Lair Edit

Vord Knight: My King! I have some disturbing news. Our forces have discovered a warship that is armed straight for us.


After winning the battle Edit

Vord Knight: My King, this cave seems very dangerous!


Greenstone Sacrifice Edit

Korina Chantress: Oh my. This place reeks of death. There are many skeletons in here.

War Veteran Hans:


Spider's Nest Edit

Robin Eagleye: Vincent! I don't want to disturb you but who is that wrapped in that spider's web?

War Veteran Hans: It's Johan, my scout! He left for the marshes days ago but I hadn't heard him from since!

King Jain Lantafik: Well then, let's rescue him! Come on, men!

War Veteran Hans: No! My King! Don't do it!

King Jain Lantafik: Vincent! Shut up! Do as I say and rescue that man!

War Veteran Hans: Yes, your Highness.

After winning the battle Edit


Poison's Core Edit

Soldier: Here, my King! Once they have enough sacrifices, fearsome creatures like Impalers and Blood Mages will rise!

King Jain Lantafik: Thank you. That's highly important information.

Robin Eagleye: I don't think those creatures can be as scary as Luna.

King Jain Lantafik: Hey! Shut up!

King Jain Lantafik: Robin! You are truly courageous!

After winning the battle Edit

Robin Eagleye: Look! Luna isn't afraid anymore! I can't do what she does.

Korina Chantress: Eagle! You annoying thing. I don't want to talk to you!

Den's End Edit

Blood Prince: What is this? You've come here to sacrifice yourselves to me? How sweet of you.

War Veteran Hans: My Lord! Could it truly be the Blood Prince?

King Jain Lantafik: Sir, we did not mean to disturb your slumber. But I cannot sit ibly by and feed your habit.

Blood Prince: Ha! Do you think this is? A duel between two gentlemen? There's no escape from here!

King Jain Lantafik: You may not think there is but we will escape from here!

After winning the battle Edit

Blood Prince: I can't believe it.

King Jain Lantafik: Blood Prince, will you let us pass?

Blood Prince: Damn.

King Jain Lantafik: As a gentleman, I want to make a gentleman's agreement with you. Once we have left, you must stop your killing games.

Deep Sea Edit

Endless Sea Edit

Poseidon: Welcome to the beautiful ocean.

King Jain Lantafik: This is unbelieveable! We can breathe underwater just like we're on land!

Poseidon: This shield is a welcome gift to you. You should put it in your house!

King Jain Lantafik: I thank you on behalf of my army. The ocean is truly breathtaking!

After winning the battle Edit

Vord Knight: I didn't think these sea creatures would attack us at all. We've really got to be careful.

Korina Chantress: Those flying fish ripped through my clothes! We really shouldn't have come here.

Ancient Wreckage Edit

King Jain Lantafik: That's odd. There's no trace of Vord. Who can tell me where he is?

Soldier: My Lord, I must regrettably inform you that we lost a lot of power during our last battle.

King Jain Lantafik: Be careful, this place may not be as calm or safe as we originally thought it was.

After winning the battle Edit

Korina Chantress: See those things? Their bodies are full of poison. We need to find an antidote. As far as I know, the banshees have them.

King Jain Lantafik: So what are we waiting for?

Korina Chantress: It's lucky that Sir Tortoise will help us get over there.

King Jain Lantafik: That's brilliant. Ok, let's get going, Sir Tortoise!

Dark Blue Bomb Edit

Korina Chantress: What's going on with Vord?

Poseidon: Don't worry about him, he's just slightly confused. We haven't met anyone as handsome as him down here for a very long time.

King Jain Lantafik: Where's Poseidon? How can he put up with this from his own people?

Poseidon: Oh, it looks like you like causing trouble down here.

After winning the battle Edit

Vord Knight: Oh, thank you, my Majesty. I feel much better.

Korina Chantress: We've already lost far too many men. This is a very dangerous place. Poseidon is clearly not a good person.

King Jain Lantafik: Sir Tortoise said that he wasn't like this before. At least we've managed to rescue some of our soldiers. Let's get out of here!

Ultimate Fantasy Edit

King Jain Lantafik: Poseidon, what happened to this ship? It's been missing for years.

Poseidon: You love sticking your nose in places where you shouldn't. These people's lives are worthless to me. Do you think you can leave this place alive?

Poseidon is waving his trident! The seafloor is starting to shake! A giant wave is headed straight for us!

After winning the battle Edit

King Jain Lantafik: The ocean is our friend. We take things from it but we also give things back to it. However, you've ruined that balance now, Poseidon.

Poseidon: My head! What's going on? Why are my hands covered in blood? I can't remember a thing.

King Jain Lantafik: It looks like Poseidon has returned to normal. We can finally leave here.

Mech Warship Edit

Notice: Due to the unnecessity of writing full name of the characters unless they're new, I will use abbreviations.

Discard Workshop Edit

Vord Knight: Your Majesty, look ahead. There's a warship on the ocean floor.

King Jain Lantafik: Poseidon has been happily making waves deep in the ocean for so many years, of course he won't leave quietly. He's kept this war machine down with him.

After winning the battle Edit

Vord Knight: It looks like the universe is down here in this ruined warship. The path is narrow ahead, everyone keep close and be careful.

Invisible Barracks Edit

Korina Chantress: Careful Your Majesty!

King Jain Lantafik: There's an abandoned military camp here.

Korina Chantress: This military camp is connected to the front of the remains. It's a mechanical monster training ground.

After winning the battle Edit

KC: Majesty, Poseiden was destroyed by us long ago. Who are these monsters being led by?

KJL: I'm afraid it's a unknown behind the scenes shady figure.

Machinery Corridor Edit

VK: These precise arrangement, and these warm machines...they are still here. I really want to meet this conspirator.

After winning the battle Edit

KJL: I can't believe this deep sea warship has this kind of mechanical army. I have a bad feeling, the next monsters will be even more surprising.

VK: Yes, we'll just have to wait and see.

Mysterious Piloted Ship Edit

VK: This is the brain of the warship. All of the machinery used to be controlled by you.

Evil Doctor Gorlu: Ha ha, of course. I have the biggest and strongest brain. Poseiden has had me build the most excellent war machine here. I've completed my task!

After winning the battle Edit

Gorlu: I...have failed. I've studied war machines for decades, but I still can't beat you silly mortals...I can't believe it! I can't believe it!

Lantafik: When you use the brain for good, you will become extremely famous. But now, you will only be disdained by the Kingdom! Rest in peace, Doctor.

Christmas Level (2016) Edit

Transquil Town Edit

Santa Claus: Christmas is almost here and I've got lots of presents for your people! But I don't have any reindeer. I don't know how to give out these gifts.

King Jain Lantafik: Fear not, I shall find them. Nothing bad can happen on my land.

After winning the battle Edit

King Jain Lantafik: The snowmen have gone crazy! There are strange happenings in town.

Santa Claus: I hope my reindeer are safe.

Scissorhands Edit

Santa Claus: Some people in this once transquil place are frightened. Could my reindeer be here?

King Jain Lantafik: Look here! Are these their footprints?

After winning the battle Edit

King Jain Lantafik: These orcs have placed a curse on our land!

Santa Claus: Your Majesty, here are the reindeers' footprints. We should be able to find them if we follow the footprints.

Smiling Road Edit

Santa Claus: Those wretched orcs stole my reindeer! What are they planning? What are we going to do on Christmas Eve if I can't find my reindeer?

After winning the battle Edit

Santa Claus: Please help me crush the orcs' plot!

City Road Edit

King Jain Lantafik: The orc armies are invading! Stay safe, my friend.

After winning the battle Edit

King Jain Lantafik: We're not far! We'll find your reindeer soon!

X Avenue (4 possible maps) Edit

Santa Claus: It turns out that those evil armies are controlling my reindeer! Brave men, please help me save them.

After winning the battle Edit

Santa Claus: Thank you but this is only one of them. I still need the other three to be able to pull my sleigh.

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