New enemies include:

Turtle's Cave Edit


There are bursts of cold water hitting us. We're getting close to finding the secret.

Easy: All Towers + Tortoise Tower Base (x1)

Heroic: All Towers + Tortoise Tower Base (x1)

Hard: All Towers + Tortoise Tower Base (x1)

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/17/2300 1030/210 Pure Rainbow Ore 14% 71 {{{easy_lifescale}}}/{{{easy_atkscale}}}
Heroic 5/1/2300 1030/275 Pure Rainbow Ore 17%

Perfect Earth Essence 11%

{{{heroic_recommendlv}}} {{{heroic_lifescale}}}/{{{heroic_atkscale}}}
Hard 1/6/{{{hard_goods}}} 1030/{{{hard_gold}}} {{{hard_item}}} {{{hard_recommendlv}}} {{{hard_lifescale}}}/{{{hard_atkscale}}}

Strategy Edit

Waves Edit

Easy Edit

Heroic Edit

Hard Edit

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